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Fredericton N B, Canada(Zone 4a)

I saw a post on FB by a friend who was looking for someone to take her three gold fish for the winter.I keep two pond heaters going all winter so I offered to give them a home. The fish turned out to be Koi.I now have three goldfish and thee Koi in my pond for the winter.The raccoon hasn't bothered them yet.I think he likes to wait untill they are good size meal!!I'll post pictures soon.The pumps are out and the pond has been cleaned up for the winter.We haven't had much frost yet.The heaters will go in soon. JOY

Athens, PA


That is exciting. I am looking forward to your pictures.

We had a hard frost here this morning and they are calling for upto 3" of snow. I have so many things to plant and I still need to salt the pond. We have not started to bring in any of the pumps yet, but I am sure that will be soon as next week is November. Brrrr..... I am already cold thinking about it.

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

Yeah, Carolyn. I read this morning that the north-east coast, including you, were to get blasted with snow. Hasn't happened this early since --- 1972? At least somewhere out there, maybe NH, or Maine. Good luck.

Fredericton N B, Canada(Zone 4a)

Yes They say we will get a dusting on Sunday.The wind was bitter today.I walked over to get my hair done and nearly blew away.I haven't gone out to take pictures of the pond..too cold for an old doll.There is a Hibiscus lying on it's side awaiting transportation to the high school where it spends it's winter being sketched by daughter's art class.My Siamese Willow isn't staying out long.I think he is telling me to get the Kitty Litter out for him.He want's indoor plumbing!!! I have a new winter coat that I'll have to start wearing at this rate.We did have a storm in early November on year and the snow stayed with us until Spring. We really have lots of snow here but we are used to it and have snow blowers and winter tires.My pond becomes just a dimple in the snow come January. JOY

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

Yours and mine both, Joy. Stay warm.

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