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Grubs. Yikes!

San Diego, CA

This is my first year gardening.

Yesterday when I try to loose the ground for plant some freesia bulbs I saw those transparent meaty ugly larvea and google gave me the name grub. I still couldn't get the creepy disgusting image out of my mind after a whole day.

I hate to see bugs any bug! But I love gardening.

Could you please give me some advice to get rid of them?

Burien, WA(Zone 7b)

Depends on how you want to treat them. The fastest and easiest solution is go to a store like home depot, lowes or other garden center and pick up a bottle of the appropriate pesticide. Probably in the lawn care section since most grubs are found in turf lawns.
If you want to go the natural route there are a few options listed on this page.

You could also just squish them as you find them.

Brockton, MA(Zone 6a)

How can you 'love gardening' and hate bugs? Geez, the pretty butterfly starts out as an ugly, destructive caterpillar. Earth worms are slimy & yucky but they do wonders for the soil.
Grubs can be a problem. Get an exact ID and find an organic remedy. Grab the camera, snap a pic & post it. PLEASE do not use a broad spectrum insecticide, that kills everything disrupting the Natural balance.
Andy P

Conyers, GA(Zone 8a)

Milky Spores will kill grubs and get rid of the moles/voles that dig the tunnels too. It takes awhile for it to work but is safe for the earthworms wildlife and plants. Just be patient. It is said to last for 10-15 yrs once you treat and it is organic.

I was told it works and it is on my to-do list so good luck and let us know what you think.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

I heartily second the Milky Spore recommendation. I used it in August a couple of years back, found dead and dying grubs during yard cleanup and planting the following October, and lost no grass the following year, as well as seeing about 20% of the usual amount of Jaapanese beetles. It's fantastic.

Somewhere in, MD(Zone 7b)

And I third the Milky Spore recommendation! I've not had grub problems in my own lawn, that I'm aware of, but we sell TONS of it at work, and our repeat customers (who come back for compost and grass seed) tell us the stuff works like magic! Yes, as Mamaknock said, you've got to be patient, it's not instant, but it does work. Keep in mind though, if you *do* have vole problems, they might also be eating the earthworms in your garden, so just getting rid of the grubs won't necessarily get rid of the voles entirely, but you DON'T want to get rid of earthworms anyway, they are our friends! =)

Milky Spore and patience, the best combo for grubs. =)

Brockton, MA(Zone 6a)

Milky Spore has my vote, too. I used it almost 20 years ago and still no Japanese beetle grubs.
One word Never use a broad spectrum insectacide on the lawn after adding milky spore.
Andy P

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