soil for alocasia/colocasia/xanthosomas mycorrhiza

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

ok ive been reading on soil companion plants/mycorrhiza benifits to some plants
thanks to lari ann and articles written on this..
? with the A.robusta lari ann ? you find companion planting with some ferns
benifits the robusta?
do you think this is from some contribution from the fern?
also..has anyone done any yr over yr testing of any benifits using mycorrhiza
in soils ?
i use my compost..which i think is very good in diversifying my soils..
ive been using some bought municipal compost.. it seems to have been good for my
one of my thai giant plants didnt put out huge leaves..that im use to.. but i got 11 pups off it..
sigh.. they are dug now and some pups are 2 ft tall now..
i was wondering the value of fulvic/humic acid powders out there.. i use them in my kelp
mix.. i dont have enough use of them to say YEA they are so helpful.. does anyone have thoughts
ideas on this?
much thanks.. its winter..and i have a ton of time to read.. LOL
thanks all !!!!

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