1936 cast iron

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

heres the sink for my quilt stuido bath I have had it for a few years sitting out in the back storage it came out of a East Texas home thet was being redone DH got it out today so he could line up the plumbing before he startes to finish the walls in my stuido
inside its stamped 3 -10-36 its in pretty good shape
I also got the cast iron claw foot tub from the house it will go in my guest bath

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Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)


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Lorena, TX

that green glow you see south of Waco is my envy.......

Lisle, IL(Zone 5a)


Phoenix, AZ

So cool :)

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

LOL I wondered what that was ...

Southern California, CA

This will all come together beautifully...you have great ideas!

Louisville, KY

Hmm! I wonder if that was made in Louisville, KY? Or elsewhere? I will have to research that. I am from Louisville. That is interesting!!!

Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

What a cool piece! Yep, juliep, let us know if that's from an Old Kentucky Home!
(I'm in the northern tip of the state, right across the river from Cincinnati.)

Englewood, FL

Standard Sanitary is now known as American Standard, very well known in the plumbing business.

Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

Interesting history--thanks, ifantail!

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I did have a sink kinda like that, but it was porcelain and was broken a couple of moves back. I salvaged the fixtures, 12" o.c., although not like yours. (It was a pre WWII Kohler sink.) Have no clue what I'll ever do with them unless I renovate a bathroom with a sink mounted under a wood top. I can't even remember now if the fixtures connect to the drain or not!

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Louisville, KY

It was made in Louisville, KY. Wow!! I would love to have that. What a great find!!!

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

thanks juliep127

Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

Coool! You can think of us whenever you use it, lol.

Union Grove, WI(Zone 5b)

1936 was the year that Gone With the Wind was first published (the movie came out 3 years later), just a bit of trivia that comes to mind :-)

Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

Hey, denimangle, how's that bathroom coming along? Any new pics?

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

well my Quilt studio has walls, celing & water pipes just need floors

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pretty wood, love it!

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Ooooohhhhh, very nice!!!!

Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

Yes, and big, too!

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

thanks .. yes its a good size DH calls it my WOman cave ...lol

Melbourne, KY(Zone 6a)

LOL We all need one of those!

Oracle , AZ(Zone 8b)

denim, you are going to be so happy there!!! Really like the wood put on at an angle. It's a bit more time consuming but it sure looks good. Is that redwood on the ceiling?

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

The Walls are beetle Kill Blue pine we went to CO to buy The ceiling is Texas Cedar we had milled
Heres my Dinning room wall done in the blue pine & my DH my house builder

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Oracle , AZ(Zone 8b)

DH looks to be an excelent carpenter! Is he for rent?! Look at all those electrical outlets! You can never have to many. What are you going to put on the floor? When we built our house we used a lot of salvaged wood. The floor is maple from a school gym that had burned down. We had to clean it of paint, gum, and the extra varnish on the edges and cut it to fit of course. That was 40 years ago and it still looks great. We paid 10 cents a foot for it...... The floor joists (it's over a basement) are 3x8 so it doesn't move or squeak.

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

he is an electrician by trade so I have power every where...lol there is a waiting list for him.
I have 1200sq ft of maple flooring out of a school guy :) we paid a $1.00 that not bad just up .90 cents in 40 years
we are built over a 4' crawspace (mini basement)lol
some of the floors are/will be cobblewood I did with recycled cedar 4x4 & 4x6
this is another bath with cobblwood floor it will 100 year old barnwood & recycled roofing tin on the walls

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Oracle , AZ(Zone 8b)

OMG! Love the floors!! What a great and beautiful idea. What are you going to seal them with? Are you two doing the work yourselves? My husband and I built our home. We did everything but the electrical, plumbing, windows, and the shingles on the roof. Looking at your photos brings back many memories. Take lots of photos. We knew next to nothing about building a house. My husband built and tore down bridges in the army, that was it. When we got the plans we sat and looked at them for three weeks before we started anything. The first thing we built on our property was a corral and shed. I had two horses at the time. We lived in a 16' travel trailer at the site for 18 months before we could move in. Myself, hubby and 6 yr. old son. It was cozy....... All in all, it was a wonderful experience. And the house turned out beautifully!

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

the cobble wood floor is finished with 3 coats of clear polly I may put a coat or 2 more on when we are finished building the walls.
Yes we have done everything ourselves except the cement work for the foundation walls.we started in June of 09 and should be in before june of 12 ,, not to bad
we are in a mobile right now we had been living in a 35' 5th wheel
I did our plans in 04 when we were in WY on DH's last job before we retired.

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