50 Quilt Novelty Squares Swap 5" Rotary Cut 100% Cotton

Citrus Heights, CA

Hi, I have been quilting for 40+ years, and want to do another Charm Swap. I have tons of fabric and I know other quilters do too.
To go into a fabric or quilt shop most want you to purchase a 1/8 yard of most cuts, but this swap is a good way to get a large variety from many sources.
What we are looking for is: New, (not fabrics cut from curtains or old clothes etc.) PRE-WASHED only, if your fabrics are not washed skip this swap.
Do you have? If you have good quality fabrics & have rotary cut 5" squares of 100% Cotton (No blends, Solids OR Stripes) and want to add to your stash read on.
Swap will begin November 15th 2011, swaps will be mailed Monday January 2nd 2012 (this will give plenty of time for all to go through their stashes and find enough fabrics)
Each quilter should send 50 DIFFERENT Novelty OR 2 of 25 same Novelty prints - 5" rotary cut squares, and will receive in return 50 squares.
The types of prints that make a great charm are those that have identifiable motifs such as kids playing, toys, food, flowers, geometric designs or other interesting patterns.
There are many quilts to make using charms that allow for any size bed. This will be fun....just understand you will get an assortment. (not specific to color, boy or girl)
If you want to participate: Postage is roughly for 4oz, so apply adequate for your envelopes. Thanks!
Send a SASE with return postage (not money for postage) inside your shipment with your charms in a baggie with your name/label attached to baggie...
.... Before December 21, 2011....
They will be swapped and mailed Monday, January 2, 2012 (insufficient postage packages will be returned un-swapped) I'm not a philantopist yet, so I cannot pay shortages on postage :-)
So everyone has fun and is happy with swaps: if you send squares that are not accurately cut or poor quality, they will be returned and not swapped.
Thanks for reading, Pat

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

If you post this in the sewing forum, you might get more takers!

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