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Pansy Sickness?

Basildon, Essex (Nr., United Kingdom

I recently planted some winter pansies but three of them have collapsed. All the descriptions I have of pansy sickness described the stem as going brown and rotten near the soil, but these haven't. Any ideas what is causing them to die?

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Tigerlily, can you tell us what symptoms the viola / pansy do have, you say they don't have the usual rot on the stems but not what they do have, this will help greatly.

There are several things that CAN effect these lovely little plants such as Rust that distorts the the stems and makes small flowers.

Cucumber Mosaic Virus that makes the leaves curl and turn yellow.

Pansy sickness is as you know due to a fungus that attacks at soil level and the stems rot as do the roots.
But, these are not usual troubles and the plants to be honest are normally trouble free.

Have you set the plants out at the right level in the soil, are they getting any sun, are they in total shade, have you prepared the soil well enough to give the very young plants a good start, have to OVER FED the soil as some people do when planting new baby plants, are you over / under watering, all these things can have disappointing results for new plants.

Can you get back with more info like where / when did you plant the Pansy's, in pots or in beds, has the weather got too wet / cold for tiny plants ?????.
Even a picture would be good so more people can get back to you.
Good luck. WeeNel.

Virginia Beach, VA

We used to plant pansies every year but the rabbit found our yard and made salads out of them. They are very pricey here. We spent over $100.00 for the front yard.

As far as your problem it looks like Wee Nel can help you.


Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Can you post some pictures or at least describe the symptoms in a little more detail? If by collapsing you mean wilting, it could be a watering issue (too much--but not yet to the point of rotting, or too little) or just transplant shock.

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