November 2011

Jasper Co., MO(Zone 6b)

I just made new thread for November 2011...

Nice roses blossoms

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Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Running a store would be a lot of work and maybe being there after retiring would be better.

My bed came from my Great Aunt. It was her inlaws bed. It's all one piece with two or three concrete counterweight bricks set in the back. I pull it down from the top and the free hanging legs set right down.

Great plants!!

I have a few rocks that look like that! I like them. Especially the shapes of the long and the flat.

I thought a person had to keep to the original appearance on the historical houses. I'll bet the new owners will have to make some expensive changes.

My windows are filthy. I just remembered I told DH yesterday I need to try and wash them. I guess I better even tho it was supposed to rain. I think our chances are now slim to none.

Being on a ladder that rickity is definitely dangerous. Don't do it.

ROTFL! I put a question mark where ever I want! If they want to sell a plant rather than lose it, I guess the money is good enough. Your good luck to get it so cheap!

I told DH last night as we were turning off the light and putting the storm window back in the door, that if someone wanted to do a home invasion all they would have to do on Halloween is knock right after you turned off the light and locked the door. You would likely open it to treat the last kid. Not me. I shut the curtain after 5 minutes of waiting for a last kid and turned all lights down low so it didn't look like we were here.

Sadly, DH wouldn't go to a RU or let me go alone.

WOW! The very top room is mine!

Thanks for the new thread Rusty!

Oh my, what a gorgeous rose!

Flower photos are going to look so good all winter.

Jasper Co., MO(Zone 6b)

Last night, I had the small end table sit on front porch and put the big orange bowl and fill up the candies and I put sign on it as "Please take as 2 candies Thanks! I draw a smile ;-) Happy Halloween!" so only my step-grandkids came by and get some candies so I notice it so good kids... After 1 hr later, I peek at the window and 3 black boys walk up on my driveway and they saw the sign as I put on it "BEWARE OF DOGS" one boy ran off as they hear my dogs bark so madly! I close it up before 9 pm... Also I put some fake jack o' lanterns on front porch and 1 inside, too!
I did turn the light off and watch TV...

I made this first one that I keep it and has for 10 yrs. and I still have the pattern somewhere in boxes...

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Happ, I reviewed my use of baking pies with a pizza stone. I figured out what my problem was with the mushy apples! When you use a pizza stone, you need to bring the oven to 450 degrees. Bake the pie at 450* for 10 minutes, then drop the temperature to 350* for 30 to 35 minutes. I did not reduce my heat, so the apples baked to mush. I just wanted to let you know this in case you try using a pizza stone when you bake pies. And, pie "season" is coming up!!! Using a pizza stone really makes for a nice crispy crust. Happy Pie Baking.

Having great weather--about 65 degrees with lots of sunshine and no wind. All plants are "tucked in" for the winter. We're still getting lots of flowers: roses, Victoria Blue Salvia, snaps etc.

I make a peanut butter mix for the birds in the winter time. They love it and it draws a crowd! Hubby read peanut butter is going up by 30 to 40 percent. He wants me to go buy peanut butter today for the rest of the winter's bird mix.

Trees are still gorgeous! I planted all of my Larkspur seed. I had about 8 packages. Of course, there's not much in the commercial seed packages.

I can't believe it's already November. We have had beautiful weather since Labor Day. Daylight Savings Time starts this Saturday. I hate it when it gets dark sooo early.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Here I am!!

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Good costume, Pepper!

The very top room is yours, billyp? Are you talking about that old house's cupola? A cupola is neat, what a nice getaway it would be up there to look out.

Somebody else musta taken a shine to those rocks also, the big carrying sized yellow ones were gone or else they looked different from the road before. I'd like to get this one big, but pretty flat one there eventually.
I'm gonna have to be more prepared to get it though, I'd be taking a chance on blowing something vital out, it is big. I might take my dolly if it'll fit in the back seat.

We forgot to turn the porch light off when it got dark, at 7:00 here comes 5 little kids! So, I hurriedly got some big candy bars (Milky Way Caramel). I gave all the little kids one, then waited about 2 minutes after they left then turned off the porch light. About 30 minutes later, the doorbell is ringing and somebody is knocking with no light on out there! I hear a kid yelling "trick or treat!". I'm thinking, "oh boy, this is great". I didn't go to the door. They apparently knew the other kids and they wanted them a big candy bar too!

Yeah, nice Rose there Rusty. I am getting 'Penny Lane' in the Spring, it's a climber, I am getting it in an order with Pepper. It's similar to yours in color, kind of an apricot color, but I think the shape of the flower will be different. - If I remember she was getting 'Penny Lane' too.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Love that rose Rusty, we sure are gonna miss those, I have a rose bud forming but I think it will get frozen off tonight.
Had to laugh about the pattern in a box.....hummm seems like I have some of those boxes, I would hate to try and find something in mine...;)

Pepper, I love your costume! Some of the parents taking their kids trick or treating were dressed up, but most were not. I think it would be fun to dress up, I had one really good Halloween party and everyone dressed to the hilt, it was great. Now everyone is a stuffed shirt...

Birder when I got snowed in last year I made a ton of that bird stuff with the peanut butter, we had one of those commerical size thing of peanut butter and I spent the day making those, they are all frozen away and waiting for bad weather. Yeah I have heard because of trade, price of corn and bad crop year they are gonna get us on peanut butter. I rarely eat it and DH can't eat it anymore. (Corn prices are huge so everyone is planting corn instead of peanuts so I heard).

Will how is the climber I gave you doing? I had forgotten about it.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

In this photo you can see the stone block exterior walls peeking out. How can you cover that up? It prolly was insulation issues, but still.

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Oh I got rocks alright! Here is my small car haul! You're not with the rock police are you, happ?! And besides, I'm beautifying the roads with my pilfering!

I've been emailing the realtor about that house, the buyer's agent sounds alright, but the listing agent sounds like a real peach. He or she says they didn't think that house is on the historical registry, when indeed it is.
And she/he says that's not vinyl siding, I'm pretty sure it is. Most realtors are so self-convinced that potential buyers will try anything or make up bad stuff about a property to get it cheaper that they won't even consider something like the siding isn't appropriate for a historic home. In the second email to the buyer's agent, (I'm sure he is sharing with the listing agent) I posted links and photos establishing the facts, I haven't heard back.
But I'm guessing their in quite a tizzy now. For one, I mentioned how the city could require that a new owner recover the original siding. I was polite and everything, it is a little disappointing all the "updating" that has been done to this 141 year old home. I've told them that I'm not even interested in buying the house at this time. I told them it looks like a dollhouse now, it does, I'm pretty sure it's because of that nasty shiny siding, of course I didn't say nasty!

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Hi happ, that climber is doing great, it isn't blooming this year but it will probably will next year. It's on one side of that arbor and the 'Penny Lane' Rose that I'm getting in April is going on the other side.
The Cleomes shot up good, their done blooming now but it put on quite a show for a while. Haha! Unmodernized might be a word! If McMansion and ginormous are, unmodernized just might be!
I still have to mow, so disregard the taller grass and the leaves. I have yet to put the blade back on the pushmower after I sharpened it on my Mom's bench grinder the other day.

Hi Bernie! I bet it's getting cold in MN., it is getting cold here!

Speaking of costumes, this little kid trick or treated as a little Iron Man, it was cool! This little Iron Man looking up with his bag open, I tell you, it was comical!

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omg, that house has either two air conditioners or two heat pumps, that in itself is scary. Being stone I wouldn't think insulation would of been such a big issue, was it all stone? Some small towns probably don't have any rules on old houses....Plattsburg had this building not sure what it was but had a balcony that looked down below, some guy used it to store construction stuff in it. He was trying to sell it, I kept telling DH I wanted it, because it had the signatures of women who worked as nurses during the civil war written in the wood on the balcony. The building didn't sell, but did catch fire and burn down to the sad to lose that piece of history.

This short youtube shows just a inkling of the beautiful houses in Plattsburg. He doesn't tell you a thing about David Rice Atchison from Plattsburg who served as President for a day....

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Yep, Will and I are both getting Penny Lane. I am also getting Westerland.

It is RAINING!!!!! Whooo hoooo!!!! And snow behind it!!! Don't get much better than this!!!

Will, next year get a bag of candy to have on hand just in case. lol. Just make sure it's a kind you like. lol

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

I don't think I posted the ghost that was out when we were trick or treating, this guy was on stilts and stood about 10 feet tall. He would stand still then when folks would turn to go down the sidewalk he would walk up behind was soooo funny. I don't know where he got all that fabric my gosh. This guy could walk on these stilts as well as I can walk normal.

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I can't believe you didn't have a lot of Trick or treaters. Nice kids to only take what the sign said.
Grinning over the dogs baking. I'll bet it sounded just like they would come rushing out the door any second!
I think your pumpkin is really cute. I'm not good at arts and crafts.

That would explain the mush!

We too, just bought a large jar the other day. I buy the generic chunky PB, raisins and oatmeal for the bird cakes. I need to make mine up pretty soon too. Since I have a long wooden feeder with the cage on the bottom, two store bought cakes don't fit. By making my own, I can make it fit.

Grinning! You are so adorable!!

Yep. Put me wayy up there!
Don't get the big rock if it's too much to handle by yourself. Put your back out once and you're done for.
Oh yeah, they wanted big candy!! For all they knew, you left to go to a Halloween Party and weren't home.

I think everyone who does Halloween parties or goes T or T should dress up. That's the point of it all.
So that's why the PB is going up in price. We do eat it, but the grandkids could take it or leave it.

It's a beautiful stone foundation. What a shame.
Cracking up over you catching the realators!
Very nice haul of rocks!
The kid sounds cute. I had a little one who's suit was all muscles. Cracked me up!
The rose looks great!

Awesome houses!
Oh my, what a shame to have lost the names and the house!
Yayy David Atchison :o)
The ghost looks like he's wearing construction stilts. They use them for ceiling work and do get around pretty good. But what an awesome idea! I'll bet he had so much fun and those scared did too!

I can't wait to see how much rain we got! I had taken the guage in when we were freezing, but put it back out anticipating rain.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

My bird suet is crumbly kind of like cookie dough. I guess I could "compact" it. I hadn't really thought about it. My recipe just says to make it like cookie dough and set it out for the birds. My recipe calls for cornmeal instead of oatmeal. I don't know which is cheaper, but I am thinking the cornmeal. It also calls for raisins, sunflower seeds, and coarsley ground peanuts, peanut butter and lard. I can't always find the peanuts or the sunflower seeds. If anyone knows who routinely carries them, please let me know. We had a robin visit our bird bath yesterday. It's kind of late for her to be around. I also give my birds mealworms, suet cakes and woodpecker popsicles. Well, they're not really "popsicles"--they are rectangular sunflower seed blocks you hang up. Woodpeckers love them.

Pepper---really nice costume.

We received rain early this AM. It's suppose to rain off and on all day today. It's suppose to be rather chilly and windy today, but nice for the weekend.

I planted more tulip and hyacinth bulbs yesterday. I have a pkg. of tulips and a pkg of hyacinths that I am going to try to force. I doubt they will do much. I don't really have a good set up for forcing bulbs. I just crave that early flower bloom in January and February. I have crocus I still need to plant. When the bulbs go on sale, I am going to buy some crocus to put on my folk's graves. You're not suppose to put stuff on the graves due to the mowing, but I figure the crocus will be gone by the time they start mowing. Grave sites look so barren and boring.

I still need to pot up my Amaryllis. Then, I think I will be finished with the planting for this year.

I do intend to start some plants from seed this spring. I have done winter sowing in the past, but I hope to refrain this year. I get bored and then, here I go--with the winter sowing. I have much better luck with perennials from seed than I do annuals. The annuals are so small, by the time you set them out, it's too hot, and you have to really baby them. I think I would rather pay two bucks for a six pack and get them in the ground sooner. Trouble with that plan is, I always buy more than "a" six pack--I buy many six packs!!

Jasper Co., MO(Zone 6b)

As I read this and it terrible lost all the libraries books lost and destory on May 22 tornado :

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

I am gonna have to try the pizza stone crust apple pie, thank you for telling me what happened. I am in hopes these apples aren't too mushy to begin with, some were a little old but not horrible.

I love annuals also but gosh it sure gets expensive if you can't find some good prices, I usually go to the farmers market in kc in the spring but I sure drop alot of money. I know a nursery and they buy the plugs and then baby them up a month or so to sell. Problem with plugs you have to buy a whole sheet of them, the price is good but that many of one thing is usually more than I want. You will have to transplant them a couple of times before they are really ready to sit out. Don't get me wrong I understand the cost, fuel to heat is not cheap, but like everyone my income is not going up.

Birder my suet is like what the suet cakes are like, I hadn't heard of the crumbly and I used corn meal and some oat mill just for the heck of it. I get alot of woodpeckers and cardnials in the winter. The cardinals against the snow are so beautiful.

No snow or frost at my house last night but alot of high winds and alot of rain, finally!

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Rusty that is one of those things you don't think about! Books out of print are irreplaceable. Insurance is always something, there is some rider or something you did/didn't do, so you miss the qualifications.

When I lived in the city I used the library all the time and was shocked to hear Clinton County doesn't participate in the library funding so in turn we have no libraries up here....

Jasper Co., MO(Zone 6b)

Well, I have a over thousand of books in my house now and I going to get start sell it sooner I get all ready for and it will be in eBay...

Freeze Warning:

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Birder, Feldmans and other feed stores carry sunflower seed year round. For peanuts ( not shelled) I found this online source that carries a 25Ib case. They have other kinds of nuts too. I think the prices are pretty reasonable.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Ewww.. sorry to hear about the loss of so many books. Makes you wonder how many photo albums, paintings, old family papers and just important papers got ruined the same way.

Yes indeed, no back trouble for me if I can help it! If I can get my 2 wheeler (dolly) to it, I think I can maneuver it okay, maybe I can get a 2 second burst of strength, long enuff to get it into my trunk! I've already picked it up, but only momentarily, that's how I know it's gonna be a sonofagun! I'll take gloves and a big belt to hold my guts and stuff in! If it's too heavy I'll leave it, its not worth getting injured.

Haha happ! That little head ghost looks like those funny people with the little heads in Beetlejuice. Years ago, I laid under my friend's parked car in his driveway and grabbed little kid's ankles to scare them!

I liked that Walmart commercial for candy where the little girl takes way more than one piece that the sign said and she says, "I can't read".

Those 2 units appeared to be ac units, maybe one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. I googled, "Goodman" from the photo and they manufacture ac and heating units, but it looked like they're ac units for sale.

I'm not really one to get excited about "ghosts" in old houses, B&B's or motel/hotels, I think they say that alot to try to get business! Now, if I one day have an old house and there's ghosts in it, maybe I'll think different then!

Haha! A bag of candy eh?! I do like a good piece of candy on occasion!

Oh yes, lots of rain yesterday! I was glad to see my plants out there get a good soaking this time of year, it has been so dry.

No, the living room light was on bright when they came trick or treating when the porch light was off, and they may have seen the shadow of me getting up to go across the room. I think I know who it was, it was a neighbor guy's vehicle, he's a jackbutt anyway!

I watched that video, happ, it was pretty interesting on the historic houses in Plattsburg, MO. As far as I recall, that house was all stone, that made it stand out even more. How I wish it was closer and I had the finances and stuff to get it!
I don't know if the realtors feel caught or anything, their ignoring me now, they just don't reply to my email. When I said I'm not really interested in the house, when they read that, they may not have even read anymore. I think realtors are only interested in their commission, they'd prolly sell you a polished dog turd, they don't care. For any litigious realtors out there who think of suing for slander, you'd lose, because that's opinion only, hence the 2 words "I think" Hey, I watch Judge Judy!

Yeah, what a shame for such an old, historic house to burn down and everything in it. Old houses have such a history to me, I too am partial to them. Now, not so crazy about buying new roofing, new wiring and all the maintenance that comes with an old house!

Speaking of age, I saw that Giant Sequoia in the Giant Sequoia National Forest in CA. fall, they didn't know why the celebrity tree fell, maybe the saturated ground they said. They showed it on the ground, it is huge. A tourist captured it on video falling, quite a spectacle. They said they know a tree that falls in the forest does indeed make a noise!

Eeek, you make your own suet cakes?! Not me, I'll have to buy them and I have five suet cages! I can only make toast.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Rusty have your read all those books? I love to read but I am not a fast reader. The real problem if I find a book and start reading, I lose alot of sleep because if it is any good I can't put it down...LOL If anyone likes true stort thies and mountain climbing (love reading about it have no desire to do it) read INTO THIN AIR. I know they made a movie about it but the book is amazing....

I think I lived in a haunted house one time. The front door would open and close on it's own (finally had to leave it locked all the time), and the blinds would go up on their own, kitchen cabinet doors would open and close at random. It made my X kind of crazy so he was always trying to find why these things were happening, we changed the blinds, he measured and leveled everything, but it never stopped. The most distrubing was our two big dogs we had them since they were pups and they would sit at the entrace of the hallway and cry and cry cause they wanted to come to the bedroom but didn't want to come down the hallway, then all of sudden they would make a bolt for the bedroom, running as fast as they could, feet flying everywhere, you sure didn't want to get in their way, then when they had to go back down the hallway the same thing would go on, they would sit in the bedroom and cry and cry, then go flying down the hallway. The house had a crawl space and my X thought there must be something under the house causing the dogs to be so weird, so under the house he went (no way was I going) but again nothing. At first it was distrubing but then you got kind of use to it. One evening at home a friend was waiting for me to change clothes when the front door opened and the cabinet door opened, then closed and she went running out of the house and refused to come back in....LOL We lived there about 2 years before moving to Texas and to the day we left, it was still going on.

I had bought the house from an estate and ask my Mom (she knew the people) if gentleman had died in the house, Mom asked, then came back and told me, No that he hadn't, then looked at me and said, now I don't know about his wife....rofl. So she assured me for about 1/2 second....LOL

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

There is a ghost at the old 1912 building in Odessa too. My dad has heard him talking him before and a friend of ours has heard him too. He's a very friendly ghost though. I hate being in the building at night though. 3 stories of brick and at least 5 different sets of stairs is not my thing at night. lol

Happ, I would have run out too but would have come back in once I figured out what was going on. lol

Jasper Co., MO(Zone 6b)

Quote from happgarden :

Rusty have your read all those books? I love to read but I am not a fast reader. The real problem if I find a book and start reading, I lose alot of sleep because if it is any good I can't put it down...LOL If anyone likes true stort thies and mountain climbing (love reading about it have no desire to do it) read INTO THIN AIR. I know they made a movie about it but the book is amazing....

Yes, I do read sometime that I have old, used and new cookbooks, gardens, quilting, cross stitches, crochets, and some fictions...

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Pepper: thank you for the website for the peanuts. They have raw "Spanish" peanuts but not "red skin" peanuts. I sure don't know the difference. They're about $4.00 for 5 pounds. I really don't know the prices. I usually buy a large bag and that lasts the entire winter. I get the bag and run them through my food processor. Then, I have the peanuts ready for the season. I haven't completely searched all the resources around here, but they don't have them at Lowe's or WM. I wonder if the local co-op would have them. BTW, have you noticed all the Indian Moths flying around the sunflower seeds for the birds in WM and Lowe's? I keep my seeds outside in a big metal trash can with a metal lid.

We have a restaurant called Logan's and it offers peanuts one can shell while waiting for your order. They have Indian Moths flying around in their restaurant. I have talked to the manager about them. He said they have someone come in routinely. The bugs have been there for at least six months. We have quit eating there. I think it's kind of unsanitary.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

I use to have parrots and we always kept their seed frozen, because there are always some kind of insect larvey in the seeds and if the seed gets warm the larvey will hatch and walla you have a bug. I am guessing the only way to prevent this is to spray the crops so much it wouldn't be good for the birds. In the bird magazine on parrots, they go so far as to tell you to check where fruit is produced because there are countries that use pesticides that we no longer use here in this country and are very bad for breeding parrots. So I am not sure which is worse, too much pesticides or bugs....ewwwwwh! ;)

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Summer picnics have lots of bugs & people still eat outdoors.
What is an Indian moth by the way ?

What about sweet corn. People can't stand the worm in the ear,
but don't want chemicals spray on the corn or GMO seed used.
I guess don't eat sweet corn.

Happy regular time!

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I must admit, I do like those ghost shows though. Not so much for the ghosts because they are always "inconclusive", well, most of the time anyway. I've seen a couple shows that were well documented with recordings or images of sounds or specters. What I really like is the history and footage of the old "haunted" houses or whatever it is. My Grandparents that have been married for 68 years, have always lived in the same house, it is 105 years old now.
I never thought about that much because it was just my grandparents' house, but it goes way back. They are funny, I went over there yesterday to play my Grandpa chess. When I was leaving I gave my Grandma a kiss on the cheek and my Grandpa says, "what are you doing kissing my wife?!". My Grandma says, "hey, he's my Grandson!"! I smiled and said, "listen to Grandpa getting all jealous!"! He gets all competitorlike from playing Chess and I think he forgets I'm his Grandson! I was lucky to win the tiebreaker of 7 games! He has a mild case of Alzheimers, but he realizes pretty quickly that we're related. He still drives on occasion, now the condition of their car is another story!

Yes, what is an Indian moth? I know what an Indian motorcycle is and an Indian Summer!

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Indianmeal Moth:

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Thanks Pepper, I see, a Pantry Moth. I hope I don't ever have to share my food with no steenking moth!

I did some 75 percent off shopping at Lowes. I have gotten prolly 10 or 12 plants recently from there. My latest acquisitions are 2 'Golden Globe' Arborvitaes for 88 cents apiece, I planted them today.
They are small but not tiny. Boy, I hope all the planted plants look better in the Spring! I got two Porcelain Vines, they were cheap too. I know their invasive but I don't plan on planting them in the ground.
They are just so attractive with the blue speckled berries and all! Their kinda like the song of the sirens, only their song was, "buy me buy me!"!

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I can't believe you got them for 88 cents!!

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I know, me either! I figured it on a calculator, they took the 75% off the 50% off price of $3.49! Hehe.. I'm not complaining, but if I ever have to return them, thats all I'll get back, boohoo!
They do what they want I guess when stuff is cheap. They are interested in clearing out for Christmas trees. I asked the cashier lady if hanging baskets were 75% off too, the manager guy overheard and he says "no" then right after that he says, "yeah why not!"! So I got a big, lush Wandering Jew (the purple striped one, Judio errante) for $3 even, from $9 something, I've always wanted that Wandering Jew, it's so pretty. It's so full, you can't see the hanging planter it's in! The flash on my camera makes dark photos sometimes, I took a total of 3 photos and this one turned out best believe it or not! The flash on it leaves some to be desired!

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Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Boy Will you are going like a bandit.....if you break off some wandering jew stalks will you throw them in dirt or water for me? I use to have a huge one I started from two broken stalks and it got mealy bugs and by the time I realized it, it was way toooo far gone....That is such a great plant.

Anyone need an adorable puppy? I have two that wandered up to my house and are so darn cute. They are black lab mixed. I have already taught them to "sit". I will pay for their shots and deliver, I mean you can't beat that bargin, they are both males.... I just do not need 6 dogs otherwise I would be tempted to keep them. They seem to love everyone, altho at first they wouldn't come to us (could be because of the other dogs) so DH was leaving food in the field for them, I was so glad we had them last night and they weren't out in the field. Think they were happy also, especially when they heard the coyotes....rofl.

The wind was horrible last night and sheets and sheets of rain....good grief. Looks like another black day.

I came up for a new motto for OKlahoma, Need some excitement move to Oklahoma where everything is rocking and rolling.....! Heck they may fall into the ocean before California.....last I heard from Crit she was ok. So was glad of that.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Haha! A bandit! Yes I am! Sure happ, I'll do that, I made five starts today, I hope they take! I could also make some for a Spring RU if we have one. If anybody else wants one just let me know, I'll have plenty. If this Wandering Jew is anything like my other just purple one, it will grow alot every year, I'm not worried about cutting on it.
Thanks, but no puppies for me, happ! Yeah, OK. is really getting a variety of natural disasters. I saw their tornado on the news, it was a big one, good thing it didn't damage much!
Plenty of rain lately here too, a good soaking for my collection of plants now!
Thanks for posting happ, I was starting to think I'd have to talk to myself here!

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

No pups here. We're having trouble with the one from next door coming over and stealing stuff.

I'm just loving the rain!! We need it so bad.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Hehe.. Pepper, I can just see your neighbor dog carrying off that planter with your cat in it! Yeah, that rain is a soaker, I'd like to carry on the Lowes tradition of watering until their blue in the face! I hope the leaves don't get very soaked because I'd like to start raking them up soon.
The city here is funny, they only give you a few days to rake before they stop picking up yard waste, after Nov. you have to store them and hope the bags of leaves or whatever stays intact until April the following year, I've had to do that before. I think they do that on purpose! They probably want to say, "oh, we pick up yard waste here!"! The one very most popular time that they are needed for leaves, they conveniently stop doing it for the year! I like calling them in December and telling them, "oh, I see, now that the leaves are down, your not picking up yard waste!" I see residents here raking them into the street and who can blame them?! They don't accept yard waste in the trash.

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

The pup next door is almost full grown and my neighbor doesn't like to feed or water her dogs more than once a day. After that they are on their own. So they come over here and eat the cat food and knock over the water bowls. We have one that is a combo with a water bottle and behind it a bowl for food. The pup took off with it the other day. Luckily we heard him so my dad raced outside to meet him and got the stuff back. I have had them knock over my planters before but luckily not break any of them. They ever break my planters my neighbor will never hear the end of it. lol.

Our biggest problem is possums. They are mean and aggresive and love cat food. lol. We have a momma who comes by with her 6 babies and eats everything and she likes to use the big cat house for her and her family. Not fun dealing with them.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Will I am usually out here lurking...rofl.

I had snow this morning! Glad that is over for the winter.... ;) Had all the snow I wanted for the year 2011-2012...

Yeah I doubt anyone takes them, and I will have 6 dogs....again! At this rate I will never get to retire. They are cuties, and they finally figured out what the dog house is for. Just when I get big old Sam the lab grown up here come these two. None of the other dogs do rain, they want in the garage and will willing go to their kennels. Wet and cold is not their thing...rofl. These two are always crashing and jumping all other each other...they are so funny. It is dark when I get home from work so it will be this weekend before I can get pics of them. I tried this morning but that didn't work out so well.

Jasper Co., MO(Zone 6b)

Went to new grand re-opening Walmart today and it's so neat one not like old just more different and I look 'wow' that is long store... I just love this fresh new store!

get free tote bags, some else free samples and free ice cream... Parking lot so full! I has fun with my step-son's families...

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Glad you finally got a new Walmart Rusty!!! Glad you had fun with your family too.

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