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Molded Galeux Seed

Helena, MT

I got a bit hasty is saving seed from the Galeux pumpkin this year. I placed the saved seed in a jar before thoroughly dried and I noticed some mold growing on the seed. I removed the seed and place them back onto a dish to further dry. Most of the seed has some mold on their exterior. I have two questions: (1) Is the seed damaged beyond recovery; (2) can the mold be safely removed, or is it even necessary?

Central, TX(Zone 8b)

I'm no expert on moldy seed however I have read lately about the use of hydrogen peroxide to decontaminate seeds. You might look into the ratio of HP to water used for that purpose. I have used 19 parts water to 1 part bleach to decontaminate Rex Begonia whole leaves before propagating them.

Helena, MT

Good point busterharrell. I have used diluted hydrogen peroxide in germinating tomato seeds and it works well. All the seeds are now dry enough to return to their package and stored until next season, however most of them have dried black mold spots. I will soak the seeds overnight in a diluted solution of H202 before planting planting them. Thanks

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