landscape design ideas sources (mostly pictures)?

New York, NY(Zone 7a)

This forum has a lot of good ideas and I'll certainly be referencing here , but is there a good resource or source for landscape idea pictures?
I'm gonna have to do a large portion of a backyard landscape. It's getting destroyed due to a canal bulkhead complete replace and I need to start thinking about ideas and then plans.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

There's a landscaping database here (on the guides & information tab). Garden magazines and their websites are great sources for pictures so you might check out some of those too. Some of them like Better Homes & Gardens also have garden plans

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

New to Dave's Garden. But not to gardening, I am a Master Gardener and am developing an all-season garden on my 2 acre home in Cincinnati. I have added a lot of evergreens and especially conifers this year. I am trying a concept of gardening 365 days a year in Cincinnati. I am a former Floridian and moved here when my husband took a job in the city.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

If you google Landscape gardeners for your area or Garden designers your area, then most give pictures of their work, past and present, there are also garden design books in the book stores, I bey several when in USA every year, some are like magazines others are easy, simple weekend projects on how to lay the garden out to plant lists, then there are large books (expensive) on designs for large areas, but looking at those with a note pad in hand costs you nothing, I like the Barns noble stores as they have a coffee area where I can relax with a book, your library will also have a number of books on the subject, try several ideas out that will suit you, this site is wonderful and if you can find your way around it there are every subject covered to do with gardening. good luck, WeeNel.

Melfa, VA(Zone 8a)

I agree with ecrane3 !!! Better Homes and Gardens. Using their plans, I substituted some some plants/shrubs in the plan with ones similar but I liked better. On one side of the front foundation of our house I used a plan, then flipped it over and used it on the other side. I went through landscape design books at the library and copied pages I liked adding some features to the landscape. I now have a fully landscaped yard and it looks great!

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

Another great way to add books such as landscaping or gardening is hit amazon books. I have bought several hardcover books for $.01 to a few dollars and shipping is $3.99. Many, actually most look as tho they have never been opened. I love it, such a great way to add to my library. Also speaking of many of these books came from different libraries, and also Goodwill. My local library has a book room where items that are removed from circulation and put up for sale, paperbacks $1 and hardcover $2. Kathy

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Melfa, VA(Zone 8a) or are two internet sites that will search a bunch of places for books and list the lowest priced ones first. You can then look and select the one you want by what condition it is in.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Car boot sales, Charity shops, second hand book stores are all full of surprises with books on many subjects and reasonable prices, there is a mind-field of reading material available out there, it's just a case of getting your thinking cap on but, sometimes you cant find the cap when you need it ha, ha, ha,
Good luck, WeeNel.

melbourne, Australia

Even I got lots of ideas and themes for landscaping from here. This time i want to know some idea about garden lightening.

Melfa, VA(Zone 8a)

My husband bought quite a few of the very economical solar lights from Walmart. They were either 20.00 for 6 or 20.00 for 8. They have held up very well. No wires for them and they just stick in the ground so they are easily moved.

Johnson City, TN(Zone 6b)

Estrail, I use a lot of the solar lights as well. The solar spot lights (brightest only) do especially well shining up into my smaller trees such as the Japanese Maple. I also use them setting in pots to shine down into my koa pond.

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