making apple butter in a pressure cooker?

Arlington, MA(Zone 6a)

i don't mean the canning part, i mean the actual making of the apple butter. i am looking to avoid the hours of standing at a stove, and i would rather try apple butter production in a pressure cooker, rather than a slow-cooker.


Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I don't think it will work. One of the things hours of cooking does is to boil off water, which won't happen in a pressure cooker.

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Waddy, KY

I don't think I'd try it. My mother blew up a pressure cooker when I was a kid cooking apples. If I remember correctly, they foamed up, clogged up the vent and the thing blew the pressure plug. Blew it all over the ceiling. BIG mess!

Johnson City, TN(Zone 6b)

Maybe you should try the crock pot method. I don't think the pressure cooker will work. Apple butter needs to thicken by reducing the liquid slowly. If you decide to try it, let me know how it turns out.

Boise, ID(Zone 5b)

I put mine in a turkey roaster pan, sans lid, and slow baked them all night. Turned out great. I'd have to look up the particulars, if you are interested.

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