Last blooms of the year

Portland, OR(Zone 8b)

Here are my Noids. (I think Dr Seuss but not sure). It is frosting at night here so I am dragging them into the garage every night and dragging them back out every morning. They take a long time to bloom in 50-60F weather during the day.
This is outside. Lots of blooms but because of the cool air they aren't putting off that wonderful scent.

Thumbnail by mstish
Portland, OR(Zone 8b)

Here they are in the garage this evening. They have grown too tall to bring inside the house. One is 7 ft and the other is almost 8 ft.
They are putting off a slight scent but it is cold in the garage so nothing like the overwhelming scent they put off when they bloom inside the house.

I broke a branch off bringing the tallest one into the garage. (I have to tip it to get it in the door.) I put it in water and everything went limp in about two hours. I guess they don't make good cut flowers.

Thumbnail by mstish

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