My lirrlw white Silkie

Conroe, TX

Some of you may remember my little white Silkie that was attacked earlier this year as a baby chick and we didn't know if she could see because her head was so pecked and she had her eyes closed. Then she finally opened them after a day or so and we found she could see, but still had a very wrangled head.

This is her now. She has turned into a beautiful hen and she is so sweet.

Thumbnail by smedgekles
Richmond, TX

I love happy endings!

Conroe, TX


Thumbnail by smedgekles
Conroe, TX

me too porkpal

Conroe, TX

lol, I just realized I have lirrlw in the post title instead of little. Boy I really need to wake up before I type don't I.

Richmond, TX

I had no trouble knowing what you meant.

Bridgewater, ME

She is so cute,see what a little time does as far as healing?

(Zone 6b)

AWww :)

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

I just love her!

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