Rest in peace Henrietta

Bridgewater, ME

This Henrietta with my granddaughter a few years ago,Henrietta died last night she had not been feeling well for a few days and was getting weaker not sure what was wrong with her,I don`t know if she might have had a broken egg inside her although she had not laid an egg for a long time she was older.She was hatched out in at my granddaugters school a few years back.She was out of a golden comet and a black sexlink.The kids really liked her and will feel bad.I feel bad,I buried her in the field this morning.DH said he would move the manure pile over on top of her grave so the wild animals don`t dig her up.The granddaughter in the picture made me promise not to process her this fall when I did the other old hens so I know she will feel really bad.Solme chickens are just special to you for whatever reason.

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Conroe, TX

Sorry to hear of your loss.

Redwood City, CA

Sorry about Henrietta. The pic of her with your grandaughter is very cute.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

so sorry. Hope your GD didn't take it to badly

Bridgewater, ME

She didn`t

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

So sorry for the loss. Its true, some of the hens are special. This summer's high heat (even at night) really did an number on my hens. I lost several (I think they had heat stokes or heart attacks). I dreaded going out to the chicken run as I was afraid to find my favorite has passed. I put out milk jugs of frozen water, put up shade cloth, and hooked up fans. It did help. But my little crooked tailed hen (the favorite) got smart. She would peck open one of the milk jugs under the shade cloth and sit in the ensuing mud bath. I found her that way almost every day for months. She survived because she was smart! =) She would look up at me and kind of fluff out her feathers. She really was proud of herself! Some of the hens just have more personality than others.

I hope you and your grandchildren find another hen to dote on.

(Zone 6b)

My grandson helped me put the beautiful white silkie hen in with the gorgeous rooster, hoping we would have some nice babies. I thought it would be fun. Little did I know the rooster would kill the hen in a short time.

So, my brilliant brain, I was thinking, I will just find another hen and substitute her in, and he will never know the difference. Then, I realized how deceitful that would be. So, I pulled him close and told him I had sad news for him, and I didn't want him to cry and be upset about it. He looked sad for a minute, but then he was okay, esp after I told him we were getting a new hen.

These things happen, death is part of life. That's what I told him. It's true too, we never know when death will strike our own families. So, I thought it would be better to tell the truth instead of lying and deceiving him. Maybe it will help him later in life too, who knows?

(Zone 6b)

Green, they are both beautiful.

Bridgewater, ME

My granddaughters loved the chickens at first but that was three no four years ago(how time flies) now they don`t even go look at them when they come to visit.One is almost 13 and Gracie the youngest with the hen is 9.

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

LfJ, will you be getting just one hen?

(Zone 6b)

No I had to get a rooster too. They arrived tonight finally. Looks like the postal service lost them for awhile. They were guaranteed to be here by 3 pm on the 17th. They were put in the mail at 4 pm the 14th. The tracking package wasn't working at all. I don't know where they went but they were in that box 4 days and 6 hrs. They are finally here and eating and drinking. I am so relieved.

The man at the Amarillo post office said he did not know how they got there. They came in by Fedex, and not the usual route. Maybe calling the district USPS office helped.

The rooster is crowing. I'm going to keep them in the house awhile.

Sometimes I think what an idiot I have been about these chickens. Then I see other people having some trouble too and I don't feel quite so bad. I never thought it would be this difficult to raise chickens. Dogs are not even this hard. GEEE

Anyway, I'm happy tonight. They are here and not lost and dead in a box at some unknown location. Since they did not arrive on schedule I was told I can get my shipping money back too. Still, doesn't compensate for the anxiety of it all. When they called I went RUSHING up there like it was an emergency... which to me it was. Still, having a wreck to save some chickens is a little over the top, so I slowed down and talked some reason to myself. "Self, there is no use causing a wreck over some chickens".

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