American Academy of Environmental Medicine re: GMOs

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Natural breeding processes have been safely utilized for the past several thousand years. In contrast, "GE crop technology abrogates natural reproductive processes, selection occurs at the single cell level, the procedure is highly mutagenic and routinely breeches genera barriers, and the technique has only been used commercially for 10 years

Here's a link to the full article...

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Hi Honeybee. Ive recently been reading quite a bit about stem cell research because my sister has liver cancer. A stem cell transplant could be one way of turning liver cancer around at an advanced stage. But I am mentioning this here, because if you look at the human body and how it operates at the cellular level (genetic level) you come to an appreciation of how extraordinarily complex and interconnected everything is to produce a healthy one of us. Here is one research report on stem cells.

Stem cells are sort of generic type cells that can be reprogrammed genetically to behave differently. In fact they may do this themselves -- so that "spontaneious" healing can take place. Contrary to popular thinking stem cells occur everywhere and they can be transformed from one kind to another. Stem cells for liver transplants can be obtained from that persons own liver, bone marrow, or even from blood. They are reprogrammed to regenerate healthy liver cells, and then the liver cancer should disappear and be replaced by a complete and healthy liver.

Now suppose this person had been eating genetically defective food? And what happens at the cellular and genetic level when GMOs are a main source of food? No one knows this. Monsanto has not told us. We simply don't know, but probably healthy cells cannot result from a genetically deficient diet. Whether that diet is one we eat, or one that the animals in our food chain eat.

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gloria125 - we need to press the government, at the grass roots level, to have those food products that have been genetically altered to be so labeled. Including fresh produce.

I am sorry to hear about your sister's liver cancer, and wish her all the best for a quick recovery.

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I don't even know what to type, I am sooo active in all of this, and I didn't know, I'm sure you know that the people of California are trying to pass a Voter's referendum to put labeling on GMO's in California, it's the 8th largest market in the world and would effect everyone, while the European nation's are trying to fight the influence of biotech food's we sit on our laurel's to a Point, I have been fighting this for year's. I'm stunned I didn't know I apologize. There's more here than meet's the eye, and I Love DG. I'm at a loss for word's.
OK now I'll subscribe....I'm sorry, Honeybee, I didn't mean to step into your realm, I just did a simple search here trying to find, the stream I posted the other night, and this came up, I'm
Thrilled. I have been tiptoeing here, but have a lot to share, if need be.

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If you'd like [email protected], chatting with a few from here now.

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I just shared this Paper with the entire world... Thank You Honeybee....

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I just wanted you to know I passed this on to the President, and a few Congressmen...

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Oh My! If only the political power of a mega-company like Monsanto would put its money and energy into something like stem cell research, perhaps we would see a cure for all of the auto-immune diseases like diabetes, thyroid, liver disease, and many others that undermine the quality of lives and longevity of countless people. Of course the problem seems to be not to prolong lives and improve quality of life -- just to feed the exponentially increasing population with substandard and probably life shortening food. More people, less quality of life -- that's the theoretical foundation of GMO food crops.

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The goal isn't to feed people; you can do that without all the technology. The goal is to make money and ensure the longevity of your company by creating a monopoly.

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The hype is that
GMOs feed (and will feed) the starving masses. True its pure hype. There is no evidence that GMO crops are more productive than traditional modes of production. But, Oh where that money and technical expertise could be better placed!

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This company has NO humanitarian Quality's if anything it was conceived in Hell. In the 1950's Monsanto was developing PCB's and even though it knew that the gases accumulating in the warehouses were toxic they offered no protective gear to their employees, and when upper adminstration would call for some protection for the employees they were Immediately Fired.

During the 1960's when Monsanto was developing Dioxin, they had to get rid of the waste , so they dumped it in two town's in Georgia. The two small town's were inhabited by very Poor people who almost immediately became ill had children born with abnormailty's, and many died because of the PCB and Dioxin dumping, neither town will ever be inhabitable again.

Over Monsanto's 110-year history (1901-2011), Monsanto Co (MON.N), the world's largest seed company, has evolved from primarily an industrial chemical concern into a pure agricultural products company. MON profited $2 billion dollars in 2009, but their record profits fell to only $1 billion in 2010 after activists exposed Monsanto for doing terribly evil acts like suing good farmers and feeding uranium to pregnant women. Below is a timeline of Monsanto's dark history.

In the Early 1970's Monsanto, along with Dow Chemical's they progressed into Jungle Warfare and developed Agent Orange, and poured that on 175,000 US Military in the Jungles of Vietnam, and countless civilian's, they were ordered to pay restitution by a Grand Jury, they never paid a dime, ( it must be nice to be Bushes, little moneymaker), After all this and the assignment Of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Deputy Commisioner of the FDA Michael Taylor, and Commisioner Vilsack of the USDA, (all ex Monsanto Employees) Monsanto with the approval of the Bush Administration decided to sell the Corn, Soy, Tomato, Wheat, Canola, and soon to be Alfalfa and Sugar Beet's Round-Up Ready Crop's for Human consumption.

The first round of this happenned in 1996 when Monsanto sold Seed to Farmer's across the country that were genetically modified, what they sold were Tomato and Corn Seed, never telling the Farmer's they were modified Seed, you should remember that year it was the one when million's of people contracted Food Allergy's nationwide, they were subsequently ordered to label GMO's and forced off the market.
They Have been banned from virtually every market in the world, except the US, where they thrive, because of control of our Agency's designed to protect us. The woman that Designed the abnormal gene for round-up Sugar beet's, which they will soon be passing off as Sugar in your drink.s, was immediately assigned a high ranking position in the USDA, she created it, then got to pass it through the USDA, with no testing, all these decision's are coming back to haunt us.

Childhood Diabetes is up 600%, Acid Reflux in Infant's has increased 100%, ( Your Body doesn't like to digest Poison), women are aborting midterm infant's at alarming rates, and there is a study in France that say's eating Monsanto, will eventually cause sterilization and numerous organ failures in infant's.

This is the Most Hated Corporation in the world,and we need to ban them also. There are numerous petitions you can sign on the Organic Consumer's website OCA, also True Food, if you heed nothing else from this, know that Monsanto is now buying up Seed Factory's that supply Home Gardener's, and modifying their seed also , this need's to stop. my e-mail is [email protected], if you want any other information, feel free to contact me, this is a small amount of what this corporation is capable of.
God Bless
This is the True Food Link

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i want Nothing, I just want this to stop, as a Genuine Humanitarian...I wouldn't accept anything if it were sent, Hopefully we can all just figure this out...and Stop it...

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"Beam me up, Scottie!"

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MrPappy, what you write, like the above, is VERY hard to read because there is no separation into paragraphs. Lack of white space is very hard on the eyes.

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Agreed, Darius; it takes a lot of effort. Lack of paragraphs and also gratuitous capitals make it very confusing.

Glassboro, NJ this first...

Glassboro, NJ

That's only some of it...

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MON profited $2 billion dollars in 2009, but their record profits fell to only $1 billion in 2010 after activists exposed Monsanto for doing terribly evil acts like suing good farmers and feeding uranium to pregnant women.

Quote from document linked at PappyG post # 8942054

Hey! Wait a minute! Shouldn't pregnant women know better than to eat uranium???

What I would really like to know is how the admin and workers at Monsanto do what they are doing. I don't hear this. I just hear what horrible monsters they are. This seems unlikely to me. I am much more interested in knowing how things work and how they came to be.

I have worked myself in chem labs where we are making materials that will result in the demise of humans -- nuclear weopons for example. We had a lot of comraderie within the work group. We took pride in producing a superior product -- even though what we were making could only be used to kill masses of the world's population -- a part that was on the political hate list at the time.

It seems to me that in any society that is engaged in these tactics -- it is not the company's that are the real bad guys. There is something deeper in the society that must be addressed.

People have a responsability to know what's in their food, and to insist that it be healthy and sustainable.

It is not just the Monsanto company that is at fault. It is the people who have allowed this to happen.

Look in the mirror. They are us.

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Gloria -

People have a responsibility to know what's in their food, and to insist that it be healthy and sustainable.

I agree 100%. I've been asking that when GMOs are in our food that it should be listed on the label - including fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc.

At the moment, it's a guessing game as to what we are really eating.

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I fight this nightly, Gloria, and Honeybee, from Congress to the True Food Network, to aligning People with other's to find out the Truth, This alway's come's back to the same group of Multimillionaire's and Corporate Owner's. The List is Shocking,
I have been investigating, for Four Year's now, At first I asked how can the Agency's, the FDA, The USDA, the DEP, the EPA, even the CDC, allow this. Then I realized, they're part of it. All of the Top Appointee's are either Ex- member's of Monsanto, BASF, or German Based Synergy, and combined they want to control the Food, All of it.
I know people who work for these Corporation's who have contracted Cancer, and are afraid to leave, Scientist's who Developed some of these Agricultural Nightmares, because what hang's in the Balance in the Toppling of a Group with a combined Net Worth of over 2.7 Trillion Dollar's, and thinks "they" should Control everything is a scary proposition. These People (Goldman-Sachs) toppled the economy of Greece and Italy, If I told you why you wouldn't believe it.
The sad part is all of these people rely on our consumer dollar to exist, so yes we created them through Election's of Corrupt Politician's, allowing Lobbyist's on the Floor of Congress while in session to coerce Votes, ignoring the criminal activity that was going on in the Senate and the Congress and yes even in the Supreme Court during the past administration's.
I have to give credit to Pres. Obama though, He's called 9 top executives from the two Low-Income mortgage writer's in front of the DOJ, for crashing the Housing Market to find out were 145 Billion Dollar's of Investor's money has disappeared to, and ex-Gov. (??D-NJ??)Corzine ( also ex CEO of Goldman- Sach'S), for the disappearence of 1 Billion Dollar's of the American Investor's into ML Inv.
All in all, it comes down to one thing we keep buying their Products, I don't.

Greensboro, AL

If you don't want to eat GMO foods -- don't eat them. Don't buy them.

Here's one list. There are several on the internet.

And stay in touch with your legislators and make sure they know you don't want these crops grown on US soil.

Glassboro, NJ

I'm sorry for getting so heated on this subject, but it is something I am so involved in that is So wrong, It's one of the reason's I grow my Garden's beside's the pure pleasure of eating what I grow.
I hope you have read Prof. Huber's paper, if that's not enough to scare the hell out of everyone I don't know what is.
I truly do get Frustrated in talking to people daily at the restaurant, and then I have Kid's who work at the store, counter girl's or cook's in the back of all ethnicity and they ask me to help them grow a garden, because they are starting a family. I have already helped 4, this season will be 7 more.
Not long ago, because I guess he heard I was helping these kid's cut through Root's and rock's in their yard's, rebuilt and gave me a Tiller from the 1940's, we call her Francis and I'm not sure if I'm taking her out for a till or she's taking me, but I laugh everytime I start her up, and so does everyone else.
I share the food that I grow with my customer's, and watch when they eat their first Home Grown Tomato, or Cucumber. The look on their faces inspires me, I'm no expert not by a long shot, but I try to learn more everyday.

Glassboro, NJ

Gloria this Corporation is the most Hated in the World. They have Carte Blanche, which mean's they don't care if they get Prosecuted, they are backed by the wealthiest people in the world. Microsoft recently bought 500 million shares of Monsanto, and no most people have no idea what they eat.
When I see Parent's taking their children through a Drive Thru for Lunch it sicken's me, when I see a Pregnant woman Drinking Coca-Cola, it makes me crazy, as you can tell I'm not a Person who hides his thought's, all of my nieces and nephew's know now what to eat and what not to, they watch my Post's on Facebook, and Listen to me at Family Gathering's. Tonight I had People come to the restaurant to ask me question's about Food, not to order item's on the menu, but to ask if something is safe to eat.
You can think I'm a little off, all I can do is accumulate what I think is Happening to us all, and pass that information along, the best I know how.
I can tell you I've gained a lot of Respect, from a lot of People, in Government, in everyday Life, who Perceive life a little differently today, then they did yesterday.

Greensboro, AL

Mr. PappyG

re: most people have no idea what they eat.

I don't know the statistics on this, but if anything needs to change in this country this is it. People need healthy food or they won't be healthy.

When I became involved in the fact that my sister has terminal liver cancer of course I asked Why?
I guess from my stint in California I learned about healthy food and growing your own-- I had several orange trees in my back yard. And paying attention to toxics in our environment.

I slowly began to put togather a picture of why my sister has liver cancer. She says its because she took methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis. But, also she still smokes, she is a meat eater -- living in the State of Michigan where the meat supply was contaminated, she eats mostly out of cans. I once found her eating a can of potted meat. Eats out regularly and rarely eats fresh fruits and vegetables. She thinks broccoli is bad for you.

So her diet is largely processed food and meat based. Also she has no qualms about toxic household products -- she loves chlorine bleach, and Easy Off oven cleaner.

(I use a steamer and lots of white vinegar! )

I doubt if the fight against Monsanto will be won, unless there is a basic change in people's education about basic nutrition and toxins in our environment. Only then, can they fight with their pocketbooks and wallets. If we don't buy Monsanto products and don't use them, Monsanto cannot exist.

Glassboro, NJ

Gloria for the first time in my Life I see people everyday saying enough is enough, today alone 56.000 people responded to an attempt by Verizon, to charge People a Simple $2.00 charge for paying online, and they stopped it.
The largest and richest Bank in the US, Bank of America, was stopped and almost lost 45% of their net profit's this year (which is approximately 38 Billion Dollar's) by a 22 year old College student on You tube, people lined up to withdraw their account's nationwide.
People are sick of the corrupt Politician's, who now tell you to your Face, we will sell you out for anything to big Corporate wishes.
It's time for people to go back to Home Gardening, and doing coops just to have something digestible to eat, because what you buy is 90% indigestable and has no nutrient value whatsoever ( which is why everyone is getting sick all of the time).
Because of their lack of regulation over the 35 year's of BUSH and the Pure Greed instilled by that Family, into every aspect of our life, it will come back to Haunt all of us, for ignoring them and letting them get away with it, It's a vicious cycle.
I'm not an activist, but when I see something so wrong being done to so many People, and most are unaware, it makes me angry.
Sorry , Tell a Friend and Like I did do some research. There's a lot more to learn.

Greensboro, AL

I am an activist and always have been. (I remember the smell of tear gas at the Berkeley riots) But my activism is a plea for personal responsability rather than blaming Big Corporations, or the Republican party. (Some of my best friends are Republicans (!)). True, an individuals activism is but one drop in the bucket. But then there are just so many drops . . . to fill the bucket.

I don't think we make any progress by slinging names, such as 'Republitard', or blaming the Bush Family.

We have to take the blame ourselves. Get on You tube and educate people. Teach kids how to garden.

If invited out, bring a jar of home canned pickles, peppers, corn, home-baked whole grain bread or what have you. And a bunch of home grown unsprayed roses besides. Start a comunity garden -- if you have an extra acre or two.

And make sure the people representing you in government know what you think.

Glassboro, NJ

Gloria... I already do, to see the look on someone's Face when they have homemade Bread and Butter Pickle's, or Dill... When they taste a Tomato from my Garden's, then they get it... this is what Food is Supposed to taste Like...

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

I'm reading this thread to educate myself, because my interest was piqued after reading "what is RNA" last night, while asking my son what he's learning in biology class.

Please keep educating me.

However, there is a no politics policy on this site, so please resist the urge to name particular politicians.

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