Highways BEE Act - did you sign the petition yet?

Boston, MA

The Pollinator Partnership's Highways BEE Act, which is a “win-win,” common sense approach that helps cash-strapped States save taxpayer dollars through reduced mowing on highway right-of-ways, provides improved habitat for pollinators. The legislation also encourages states to plant native forbs and grasses on highway right-of-ways to further improve pollinator habitat. Your support can make a difference in efforts to include the Highways BEE Act provisions in the final transportation reauthorization legislation, which is expected to move through Congress in the coming weeks. Cross-pollinate, by encouraging your friends to sign on! Simply go to http://www.pollinator.org/BEEAct.htm

Also, check out the YourGardenShow.com Bee-a-thon this weekend on Sunday, November 13th. 12 hours of bee info. and fun for you to tap into at any time from 12pm to 12am PST. We'll be supporting the BEE Act and the Great Sunflower project! Come join us at http://www.yourgardenshow.com/bee-a-thon - see you there!

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