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I needed a quick, cheap compost bin

Barberton, OH

I just bought a shredder that was hungry and I needed a bin quickly. A had couple of small pieces of plywood for the start but I needed more. I have a lot of sticks so I decided to make a wattle, a fence woven with sticks. It worked out just fine and I added another bin using a common wall. It allows good air from the sides, too. How long will it last? At least this season is all I ask.

Thumbnail by salix_man
St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

Looks great! I prefer this kind of bin, it doesn't stick out like some do. I had a tumbler, it was ugly.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Some folks use pallets. Many stores here just throw them away and are glad to give them to you.

Barberton, OH

Around here they sell them to re-manufacturers.

Virginia Beach, VA

IT is okay as a temporary as long as the neighbors does not see meaning hidden.


Barberton, OH

I'm fortunate that I have good neighbors that don't criticize. And I share my produce.

Dahlonega, GA

I did this easy compost bin and filled with mulch from recycle plant at our dump . Used 20/0/0/ fertilizer in layers and wet good , as it was filled and that was last year . I have good compost this year .

Thumbnail by digger9083
Dahlonega, GA

More. I went back inside the concrete and put this plastic lattice all the way around , tieing it together with aluminum wire , cut in 7" strips from a cable I scrounged .The lattice was at a repo mobile home that I bought and had moved . Now the compost is my raised bed for veggies and will be in separate raised beds next year . I have another compost bed working at my son's across the street . It's only two weeks old and will be ready next year

Thumbnail by digger9083
Barberton, OH

That is great, Digger. Mine collapsed, I guess I made it too high and didn't put the poles in deep enough Used some as mulch on the gardens. Waiting for Spring, hopefully dryer than last year. Finished 18+ inches over normal and most of it is still here.

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