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Sick Banana

Lake Stevens, WA

What is wrong with this Red Abyssinian. The leaves start out nice but then turn brown on the edges then die.
This is my frist banana. Anyone have an idea of what I could do to make this guy thrive.

Thumbnail by springcolor
Bronson, FL

Are you fertilizing? How much water and light does it get daily? Let me know and maybe I can help you out!

Lake Stevens, WA

I found out thanks. Lack of water.

Bronson, FL

Good glad you got it figured out :-) I love all my bananas and hate when they're not happy! Are you leaving it in the pot or going to plant it in the ground?

Lake Stevens, WA

It has to stay in a pot. It goes out around June in by mid September. Way to cold here to stay out in our winters.

Bronson, FL

Wow for some reason I was thinking WA had longer warm months than that. Do you have any other bananas?

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