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CLOSED: 2nd Annual FALL Houseplants/Tropicals Swap, Reveal #5

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

We only have a few folks left to receive their minimum of 3 healthy houseplants and/or tropicals. Please Priority Mail yours with a Delivery Confirmation number as soon as you can. Feel free to divide plants you already have or send cuttings or ones you've rooted. If your budget permits, you're also free to include other gardening items like gloves, water globes, plant markers, or Fall bulbs for Summer blooms.

Please DO NOT post Delivery Confirmation Numbers directly on our threads...doing so is an invasion of privacy. Instead, keep your receipt handy, or D-mail me the number you used so I can let your Secret Buddy know their box of plants is on the way.

We came from here:

And our Wish Lists are here:

Thumbnail by FruitOfTheVine
Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Reserved for Participants...

candles4u / Crystal -- > Rec'd from goldhillal
careyana / Carey -- > Rec'd from Tina_A
catzgalore / Stephanie -- > Rec'd from tikipod
chellflower / Chell -- > Rec'd from rvnsbrk
dispatcher1 / Lou -- > Rec'd from candles4u
FruitOfTheVine / Susan --> Rec'd from catzgalore
GAgirl1066 / Paula -- > Rec'd from roxxanne
GardenQuilts / Lori Lynn -- > Rec'd from careyana
goldhillal / Crystal -- > Rec'd from ilovejesus99
happgarden / Joyce -- > Rec'd from GAgirl1066
ilovejesusus99 / Sandy -- > Rec'd from chellflower
joeswife / Debra -- > Rec'd from FruitOfTheVine
jsxtiger / Jax -- > Rec'd from dispatcher1
rouxcrew / Joy -- > Rec'd from joeswife
roxxanne / Rox -- > Rec'd from happgarden
rvnsbrk / Neener -- > Rec'd from candles4u
tikipod / Angie -- > Rec'd from rouxcrew
Tina_A / Tina -- > Rec'd from jsxtiger

Staying to chat but aren't exchanging plants this round:
AmandaEsq / Amanda
Carolyn22 / Carolyn
Cville_Gardener / Carole
janaestone/ Di
Mud_Elf / Kris
plantsforpeg / Peggy

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Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Thanks, Crystal, for helping Lou ID the plants you shared.

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

Thanks Froot.

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Sure thing. I'm just sorry I let the previous thread get so long. Been a little preoccupied :)

Leesburg, VA(Zone 7a)

I think we all need to send Frootz some plants since she didn't get anything!

Caddo Mills, TX(Zone 8a)

I totally agree. ;)

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Oh ya'll are sweet, but don't worry about me. I'm sure my buddy will pop in soon.

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

I know you are supposed to get plants in a trade. It's like Froot really NEEDS more plants. :D

Leesburg, VA(Zone 7a)

:D :D We can fix that for her A..

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

LOL! Wonder if that means a greenhouse should be in my near future. A girl can wish, ya know. Been wishing and wanting for a long time though.

Heard from my Bud and it won't be long now.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

We can all send you some plants and seeds FOTV....what do you say????? rotflol Glad you heard from your Bud!!

I went back to lowes and got 5 more different hibiscus and a different Houston Garden Center and found a really big red Spicy Jathropa and a big Blue Butterfly Clerodendrum

I got this pink one last time I hope to get my hoop house covered this weekend.

I am not going to Chris' this week. Got to get some things done here. I have some Amaryllis to get in pots and a few flowers I traded for into pots. Move more into the hoop house and get more seeds ready to package. Busy Busy Busy.

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

No worries, Sandy. My bud's a veteran swapper and trader.

I swear you keep tempting me with beautiful plants that are just outside of my growing zone.

I wouldn't mind having a few seeds of hardy hibiscus that would do well in Zone 7a if anyone has them. Bloom color doesn't matter.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a long week-end and will try to catch with ya'll when I'm back Sunday afternoon.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

I got some really bad news yesterday but not as bad as Chris got today. Chris's sister had a massive stroke last night. They had to remove 1/4th of her brain. She is not expected to make it. Chris called me today. Her son was taking her down to Houston to see her. Chris really has her plate full. Her blood tests were not good Wed, Thurs, or Friday so they could not do Chemo. She has lost 45 lbs since this started a yr ago. We have been talking in group how we are not promised tomorrow and how it is possible she could out live us. I am really sad that she has to go thru this with her sister. She just told her sister last weekend she wanted her family to come around and that they had not been. She told her sister that she was dying and they don't come to see her. Her sons work 7 days a week and pay all her bills but she needs them to be there physically to but they can't do both. It is a hard situation.

I had to call a roofer out as my roof of less than 2 yrs is leaking. He pointed out I need a new roof on the addition and the whole house. He showed me where the roof on the addition is not even sealed and with it almost flat they put a roof over the existing roof. That is a no no. ( I had no idea) He quoted me 8995.00 for the whole house with addition. OMG I have not choice but to do it. He needs 4,000 down and 200 a month for 25 months. He is doing this without interest. There goes all I had for a vehicle. They had to call out an inspector from State Board of Insurance to inspect it after it was finished and that is dated Apr. 2010. I called my insurance adjuster and he is sending me out a copy of it. In the county I live in it has to be inspected before my Wind insurance would insure me. I can not locate the Roofer but have emailed the guy who hired him. I am going to get a lot of pictures and talk to a lawyer on Monday. In the meantime I am going to allow them to put the roof on Monday so there is no more damage. I have 160 pieces of antique glassware I have collected and I hope my brother is still willing to buy it so maybe I can get a car.

Also when I talked to my insurance agent today he made a remark I did not like and after I told my son what he said it bothered me so much I called him back and told him what he said was inappropriate. He really admitted he stuck his foot in it. I held the phone to my sons ear and he heard him apologize and say what he said was wrong. After I let him apologize for over 5 min he said next time I was in town I could give him 20 lashes. I said he could pay for me and my son to have dinner. He said I will tell you what I have a couple Walmart gift cards I will send you. He said he will mail tomorrow. I was so proud of myself for standing up for myself. My son gave me 2 high 5's for it. I could have actually cost him his job. He has been my agent 20 yrs (haven't liked him for years) but kept my insurance there because of a lady who works for him. We will see what he sends when it gets here. What he said was I see by your last name you are not remarried yet. Is there anyone in the waiting and I said no....he said I could go out in the street and pull up my skirt....I told him I was not that kind of lady. He doesn't know me well enough to talk to me like that. I told him he would not have said that to a man.....grrrr My son said he would have called but I wouldn't have any insurance when he got through. I can here the gasps as you all are reading this. My therapist will be so happy I stuck up for myself. I am proud I did too.....ok enough before I break my arm.

I think my Blue Butterfly Clerodendrum is going to set seed. Keep your fingers crossed and we will all have some :) I have never had Hibiscus set seeds but if any do I will save you some FOTV

Caddo Mills, TX(Zone 8a)

Wow, what was he thinking??? I hope you get some good gift cards, but I would still report him. I'm willing to bet that you are not the first woman he has said something inappropate to.

Athens, PA

I would definitely report him as well. There is no excuse for that - like I always told my children as they were growing up - 'just because a thought goes through your head, does not mean it has to come out of your mouth...' What is wrong with people!

I am so very sorry about Cris and her sister - that is horrible. They are in my prayers.

On the roof - do you have enough time to get a second look at the roof? I know years ago - in the late 60's, my parents bought a big old victorian house and a plumber told them they needed all new pipes and quoted them $8000 to do it. They had somebody else look at the pipes and there was nothing wrong with the pipes.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

I told my brother I should have ask my insurance man for $9,000 to fix my roof. He laughed. He was not happy with what he said either. I think I would feel funny allowing him to send gift cards and then turn him in. I will see what my therapist thinks.

This is not the first time I was told the main roof was done wrong. :(

I talked to Chris. Her sister opened her eyes and knew how she was. Chris is exhausted. I haven't done much today. Did someone ask me if Summer Poinsettia is an annual here? I think they are. They do reseed very well does that make it an annual or perennial? I have so much to get done and I am so tired today. I want to take a nap but don't want to ruin my sleep tonight. Oh well I have decided to take a nap.

(Debra) Derby, KS(Zone 6a)

My dearest Sandy, I am praying for you and your family and friend. God does not give us anything we can't handle, so keep the Faith.

I used to be an insurance agent, please call your state insurance board and report this leacherous, male chauvinist man, as that is NOT LEGAL to talk to clients like that..
keep the gift cards, he owes you more than that. You could sue him for verbal indecency proposal.. and a number of things.. I agree about the second opinion.. ( on the roof)
NOTE: if you don't act upon the wrongful doing of the guy, he will keep doing it to others.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

I am going to talk to my son when he gets home. To add insult to injury the 2 gift cards are 10 dollars each. I am really upset now. When I mentioned treating me and my son to dinner I meant a nice one in a nice restaurant. I am too nice and have a hard time doing things to people but I need to get over that some day. It gets me nowhere but kicked and kicked again. Grrrrrr

Caddo Mills, TX(Zone 8a)

Please call the state insurance board and report this man today. He needs to know that what he has said and done is inappropriate and illegal. Maybe when the fine or firing is more than $20 he will get a clue. Please don't hesitate any longer. The money that you are paying him goes into his pocket not the lady who you like.

(Crystal) Waverly, AL

I am appalled and believe as has been stated that this man should be reported and fired. There are lots of deserving people who will jump at his job. He's done it once (probably more than once) and will do it again. Do it for everybody else he is rude to, as well as yourself. Don't get tired and quit!!! Keep your chin up and pursue the bastard to hell if need be. Grr is not strong enough. We are all behind you!!!

(Crystal) Waverly, AL

Undoubtedly I have offended some people's sensibilities, but I am not sorry . Not only was this man rude, but he put down marriage, as if marriage was only about sex. Marriage has enough problems without him adding to it.
Ok, I am going to shut my pie hole and get on with the myriad of things waiting for me in the wings.
I have many hurtful things I am dealing with right now and this one just got me. This guy does need to be shut up though.
God gave me a temper for a reason, and sometimes a temper is just what is needed.

Athens, PA


I don't think you were offensive - I think you were dead on.....

Sandy -

Aren't there some type of boards that insurance companies have to report to? I would look into that and report him to that board....

(Crystal) Waverly, AL

I am sure this person has a supervisor or regional manager or someone above him in some capacity who would be very interested in this story.

Mount Vernon, IL

I think its the name Crystal! I always bring out the crazy in people! I agree with everyone here, get the B****** fired. He deserves to rot in a deep sh*t hole!

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

I agree. There are ethics rules for every occupation, even if the creep didn't choose to follow his. Not to mention what he did could be considered sexual harassment.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

I talked to a lawyer and he said nothing could be done. I will call on him. I want to have the right way to say it. I would have thought something could be done because it should be considered sexual harassment. Maybe another lawyer would do it. I don't think Allstate would like this posted on the net. mmmm giving me an idea.

Athens, PA

I had problems before with a co worker. It was bad - he was following me and even started calling me at home (this is before I remarried). I finally told his best friend if it did not stop, I was going to this guys' wife to tell her what was going on. It stopped, immediately.....

Just a thought...

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

Well it is not like I talk to him even 1 time every 5 yrs because someone in the office always handles anything I need. So threatening to tell his wife or Allstate wouldn't do me any good or anyone else as I would never hear if he did it again. I am definitely going to change agents. The lady I like isn't making the money he is. I would post his last name but don't think I should. Some peoples names give them away. I know a young guy whose name is Eustice (sp) but it should be Eusless (pronounce useless) I have never met anyone so lazy in my life. I am surprised he texts using his cellphone....yep that bad.

I have to be really careful because what I do or say could be taken as Blackmail and that is not what I would want as I would be the one in trouble for it not him. Is this thread a free one or subscribers only? Just curious.

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

I'm just going to say that you don't need a lawyer to contact the licensing board. Don't know why you'd be looking for one. "Nothing can be done" from a lawyer means they can't make any money off your case. :P

Contact the state department of insurance to file a complaint. They will guide you through the process.

AmandaEsq (as in "Esquire")(as in "Lawyer")(as in "I wouldn't touch your case")

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

What an awful experience, Carolyn.

Heed Amanda's advice, Sandy. As an attorney, she knows the drill, and don't fool around filing a case against your agent. Only paid members can POST on Group Trades, Swaps and Round Robins, but I think anybody with an internet connection that leads to Dave's Garden can view them. Either way, you'd be wise not to publish names. That would only open another can of worms.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

I didn't post his name for that reason. Amanda I forgot you were a lawyer. Thanks!

Thanks for all of your support.

(Crystal) Waverly, AL

Are we done?

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Haven't received mine yet but my buddy has reassured me it won't be too much longer.

You all could post progress reports about the plants you received if you'd like to.

This is the only thread I see several of you. Thought we could talk about Christmas too and what everybody's doing to get ready.

(Crystal) Waverly, AL

I am planning to do my own Christmas tree this year, like last year. I put it on the back porch so I can see it out the sliding glass door. My computer is located right by the door so there is a good view from both the computer and dining table. I have located one I can cut for this purpose (3/4 ft) but have not been able to find another in the wild that is big enough and yet does not have giant holes or is too thin. We always use Eastern Red Cedar. Sticky, but what wonderful fragrance.
I see our Xmas traditions changing and although I wish it would not happen, I know that it has to. The kids are grown and gone and I am lucky that they can both get home for a week or so at Xmas, The problem arises when different people have different ideas about the importance of different traditions. We may instigate a "tea" instead of the traditional Xmas tree hunt and just purchase a tree. Husband has not been able to materially participate in the hunt and cutting for several years. We all need to be a bit more flexible...
I hope others are not to busy to post about what is going on for them with Xmas.

I have thought about joining another thread, but have not seen any I have more than a passing interest in. I admit I fell a sort of allegiance to this group also. I have tried to find some people who live in Alabama or west Georgia, closer to me, but w/o luck. Mudelf is the only one I am aware of. Speaking of Mudelf, she has become quite scarce in recent weeks. I wonder if she is just involved in the miniature swap she started or if something is wrong. I should call her.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

I am in a Hog Wild seed swap on another site but always come here first. I have missed the chit chat here. I hope we din't get to busy to visit. My DSs girlfriend put up an artificial tree and it looks nice. It is the first tree that has been in my home in many years. After my late DH got fired from a really good job we never had the money to do Christmas so didn't decorate. It is refreshing to have DS and my 2 DGDs here. They are leaving Dec16th for my DB in PA and will come home Dec 26th. Brian my DS friend who rents a room will be around and DSs girlfriend says she will. It will be quiet for those 10 days but they will have a great time. I hope there is snow while they are there. The girls will love that. I moved here in 1978 and have never been back for a holiday.

Fruity I am trading for some hibiscus seeds for you. I should have them by mid Jan. and will send them to you after that. I can't remember what they are but it will be on the pkg.

Almost a week ago I fell in the yard and pulled a muscle in my back. I already had a failed back surgery from 2000 and did not need this. I went to the Chiropractor 3 days for therapy and it felt better but Sat I got a severe cramp in that muscle and could hardly move. It was excruciating. I have laid around most of the time. I will see either the Chiropractor or my regular dr tomorrow. I really need something for the pain. I hate pain meds but this is bad. I will get therapy from the chiropractor the other 2 days I go to the center as they supply transportation. I really need a vehicle. I so hope my DB buys my antique glassware.

I went out in the yard to pick a few seeds that I didn't need to bend or move too much and as I got to the end of the driveway I gasp. My DS and at this moment not Dear mowed down my flower bed full of Summer Poinsettia, Pink and Yellow Lantana, and Tall Purple Ruellia. I have stayed in my room as I am really upset. I don't care if he saw a poison snake that was my decision to make. I am sure he is going to say I agreed as he uses my memory problems from ECT against me...But I would have NEVER agreed. MERRY CHRISTMAS MOM!!! GRRRRRR. I was really starting to get seeds from the Summer Poinsettia and Lantana. I was going to try to sell them and now they are gone. I will let you know how it goes but I am sure I will lose as I already lost all my plants and seeds. I deserve an apology but bet he thinks and will stress he is right.

The good news is I started doing Sudoku and my working memory has done a great improvement. Hope you all have a Great Day!

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

Awww Sandy - I am sorry about your seeds/plants. I sort of know how you feel. I hope it's not WWIII. Stay cool, sistah.

I have loved this group here too but the trade is done - except for FROOT!

There ought to be a group Trade chat for the season when there are no houseplant trades going on. :D

Hugs to you all.


p.s. Lily_love is from AR.

(Ang) Bremerton, WA(Zone 8b)

Here is a beautiful bloom from the past - over 20 years - that my Nana captured with her camera. Very happy to find this considering I've grown quite fond of Orchid Cactus!

If you browse the Orchid Cactus forum on here or even BGI you'll probably see this photo there.

Thumbnail by tikipod
Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

I'm so sorry, Sandy. Having your plants mowed down like that reminds me when I had Hyacinth bean sprouts growing at the base on each of our front porch posts and hubby mowed them down before they had a chance to really get going. I'd envisioned a canopy of vines like I've seen in other people's yards and glossy magazines. Oh well, it was my fault for not telling him in advance what they were when he thought they were just weeds. He's always on weed

What a great idea, Manda. So all of us can stay together over the Winter, here's our first thread:

I'd love nothing better than for other peeps that haven't been in our swaps to also join our chat over the Winter.

Blue Ridge Mtns, VA(Zone 7a)

Some of you know I've had a horrendous headache and a hacking cough the past few days. I can't tell you, Steph, what a bright spot receiving your package was today. And don't you worry at all about being a tad late. We all have a lot going on and am thrilled to receive your box and try new plants I've never heard of. Now the fun begins. You did a fantastic job!

First one that caught my eye is a strange looking cutting labeled Orbeo sp. I've learned it's a cactus / succulent -- love strange plants I've never heard of and hope I can get it to root. I really need help with this one. Anybody game?
Two Amaryllis bulbs I didn't have that are Hadeco types, had to look the term up and it means the stalks are short compared to the large blooms.
Amaryllis 'Pavlova'
Amaryllis 'Trentino'
A bag of Allium nectaroscordum bulbs (looked it up and the nodding blooms are so pretty)
A pup putting out a leaf that I think is either an EE or a Caladium?
Large pack of commercial Ratibida Columnaris seeds (commonly known as Mexican Hats). I'm saving the seeds to split with my MIL but will probably have a bunch left. There must be 500 seeds in the pack and am glad to have these. They're among mine and my MIL's fav wildflowers.
And that's not all....
Two wind chimes -- One is topped with a sweet Lady Bug (No, Neener, you can't have it!) and the other one has a lot of wooden highlights for a very nice natural look with varkous brown colors that remind me of leather. Both have their own distinctive sounds and will be hung under our Cherry tree with a lot of other wind chimes I've received.
Last but not least is an ornamental heart-shaped Bird house. Maybe not so ornamental if I hang it outside. Carolina Wrens nest here year-round and the hole is the perfect size for them.

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