My NOID is becoming a Monster!

Phelan, CA(Zone 8b)

Here's my NOID violet I got at Lowe's at the end of July. It was just over 7 inches across when I got it. Its now 11 inches! I've never had a violet grow this fast before. Is that rate of growth normal? How much bigger will it get? I'm so pleased because its so healthy looking, aside from a few small spots of sunburn. Would it be considered a standard?

(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

Yes,it's a standard.Some violets are also called large standards.Without knowing what violet it is,I would guess 16-24 inches.


Chicago, IL(Zone 6a)

Yep. dinner-plate to serving-platter size. That would be my best guess as well. :)

Montgomery, AL

Show us a picture, please.

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