Turning a metal gazebo into a temporary greenhouse

Roseville, CA

I live in Sacramento, CA. We get quite a few freezes here in the winter. I grow only succulents and usually overwinter them in my garage. This year I have too many to fit in my garage so I need another place. I have a 10' by 10' metal gazebo with mosquito netting. I would like to turn this into a greenhouse. I have installed Xmas lights all around the inside. So I have electricity to it. There was another thread on this subject but it was from 2009. I would like some current ideas! Any helpers?

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I am sure if you use the Gazebo and sit the plants up off the ground, this would be fine, better than having your plants blown to threads over winter.
I don't know IF your winds are cold icy winds like I have here in UK but you could also cover the plants (grouped together) with a white horticultural fleece, this allows light in, can let water in and it just protects the foliage from frost or wind burn, you can buy sheets of this in packs from the garden store or garden center. Make sure you raise the fleece off the plants using a few canes etc as you don't want any wet stuff laying on the foliage of the succulents, I lay my succulents on there side in winter so no water gets to lay on the plants in winter as it can allow mold or disease to attack the plants but, in your case there will be plenty free air flowing around the plants to help eliminate these things.
Make sure you check your plants every few days and move them about if you feel some need more light than others, even succulents take a break from growing in winter as you know so, I think your on to a winner with your new storage idea.
Good Luck. WeeNel.

Conway, SC

Are you planning to wrap the gazebo in plastic? I heat my 10x10 greenhouse with a $18 ceramic heater from W/M. It has a thermostat and also can be used just as a fan. The heavy duty plastic is not too expensive and could be removed for warmer weather. You said it was made of metal ? Might not be able to wrap it, huh ?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

It would help to know which succulents you're growing--are they ones that are hardy or very close to hardy for you? If so then you may be OK, but if they're ones that need warmer temperatures then you may need to invest in a heater, and mosquito netting won't be very good at holding the heat in. Another thing to keep in mind--a lot of what kills succulents over the winter around here is cold/wet soil more so than cold itself, and mosquito netting won't protect much from excessive rain so I'd consider getting some plastic to cover it. The plastic will also hold in heat better if you end up having to buy a heater to keep things a little warmer.

Roseville, CA

Thank you so much! We have wrapped the gazebo with 3.5 ml heavy duty clear (kind of milky) plastic. It was a tough job but we did it and secured it with duct tape inside all around. The plastic is quite long so we anchored it with bricks, heavy rocks and other heavy stuff. I should get a heater like you have said for sure BSD. I will check out WM. I grow every succulent under the sun. A lot are in the ground and do well and the ones I worry about I have or will cover with frost paper. My many potted succulents (every variety) are in pots and many of them are in my garage. But this year I have way too many so I needed to convert the gazebo. I have a blog if you are interested on my succulents at: www.sweetstuff1957.blogspot.com.

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