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Wintering Over Pond Plants?

Lewes, DE

I usually kill most of my pond plants, but this year I am going to try to winter them over. We have not had a hard frost here in lower Delaware yet and I just pulled most of the pots from the pond yesterday.

I have one pot with a first year lotus and first year water lilly which I think I should just sink to the bottom of the pond.

How about the other water lillies? Can the tubers be kept inside somehow? I also have some elephant ears.

Right now everything is in my sunroom which is starting to smell like a swamp. I have a basement that I could store some things in. Last year the garage got too cold and froze most of my plants.

Any suggestions would be more than welcome.

Also, I am thinking about adding a bottom drain to resolve the sludge problem. Am also thinking about a new pump/filter system. Any recommendations?

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

I just put my hardy lilies, well cut back in the deep end of the pond away from frost danger. Won't work with tropicals. Someone suggested just cutting them back and putting them in the basement. As long as they were fairly moist they would survive. Never tried it. This year I just pulled them from their pots, cleaned them up and put the all in one bucket with some pea gravel to keep them from floating. Reduces the yuk in my pond over winter, increases free water space and wil make pulling them out so much easier. I will report in gravel in the spring, put in all summer plant food and in they go. Hope it works.

I envy you the bottom drain. I had a chance when I redid the pond the second time but didn't know about bottom drains then. they are the best thing from what I hear. Lots of people use MicrobLift SA (as I do) for sludge problems as it gets down there and breaks down that stuff under rocks.

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