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Bee Hive Had To Be Saved

Franklin, LA

I was called by a lady that was having a rotted pecan tree cut down to try to save the bee hive in it. I went and closed off the two entrance holes in the tree so it could be cut down without too many bees flying around on the workers. After the tree was cut down we cut above and below the approximate size of the nest and I put the log in the back of my truck and brought it home and placed it in my bee yard. They seem to be doing very well since I placed them in my bee yard. There are a large number of bees in the tree stump and I will wait till the spring to extract them from the stump and place them in a ten frame hive body. I hated to see them just destroyed when I could save them.

Thumbnail by BEES4ME
Punta Gorda, FL(Zone 9b)

YOU are the kind of person I adore to hear about! A responsible, considerate human being! Yay!!! You just made my morning one with a big, wide smile
on my face :)

Franklin, LA

Just of update everyone on the hive in the log I acquired in November 2011. The bees are doing fine and seem to be building up fine, so when it warms up a little more I will cut the top of the log off and put a deep hive body on top of it to try to get the queen and bees to move up into the deep. I hope that this works so I can cut the log open and take out the comb in the log. If this works it will save me from having to manually move the bees and queen to the hive body.

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