Bonne Terre, MO

I am as excited as if it were Christmas!Had t oblurt to someone...Not sure if this is the rigtht thread for this ...

But Bought Daylily seeds( Ebay) this fall first time .Had crossed some a few times before at home and planted but wasnt serious about it or how many germinated as i am now.. some did and that was enough
Wanted to do it right this time with only 5 precious seeds not 20 so needs to go right.
. Followed the instructions using the distilled water and 1 tbl s per qt of Hydrogen Proxide in the water and add to the baggie of seeds.
Also added a small piece of paper towel to soak up some of the water.
3 weeks in fridge.. only .2 days out, rooting has happened to most all the seeds!.
Seems as if one is left of each cross not rooting yet
Humm is there a reason?Survival of the species in case something occurs in natures weather ?

Using the peroxide as an antifungicide..not sure about it.Like that ididnt need to buy a pure fungicide. ...Used paper towel in the packet .All Seemed fine in the fridge but out i noticed black mold on the paper towel had to change them during the 2 days in the household air.
Makes me wonder if the seeds themselves have some fungus on them too when i planted them .... too dark to see.
.Wonder now should i have dipped them in Comet before planting which works for fungus on iris rizomes.Also have wondered was it the paper towel s composition.? Maybe sand in the baggie would work better to hold the moisture.I use it for iris seeds whick works well. Anyway lots of what if?s but so far success.
Hope they continue to grow and dont rot away now...My biggest suprise is In only ONE DAY I have sprouts coming in which has really thriilled me was thinking a week .... Now fingers crossed!!
Any suggestions very welcome!

Bonne Terre, MO

Yesterday tried to keep the seeds"feet" warm on the cold dreary days we are having.Baby them.
Have 2 Snuggle Safe microwaveable Heating pads (for pets) warmed them VERY slightly and put under the plate the little seeds cups are on, with a towel wrapped around it .Dont know if it hurried them along or not as the seeds were trying to come to the top of the ground as it was, but now i do have 3 or 4 new green tops poking thru the dirt.Guess it cant hurt them as the ground warms and cools too when outside and things grow better in warm weather and in warm earth.Wonder if putting the heating pad under the unrooted seeds would hurry them along too?May try it.
Also collected rain water the last few days and fed them with that. I know that is much better for their health and the growth as i have used this many times on plants that were not looking too well and it works for SURE!

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

You have likely learned a great deal since you typed this thread, I was wondering if you knew about tetraploids and diploids as they won't cross pollinate, ETC one each left of the crosses.
I know little if anything only have three or four my attempts growing now that I cross pollinated.My attempt this time took a lot of seeds(redundant from many).
I was just wondering what you might be into with the daylily plants and how things might be going concerning that as presently.

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