Rec for best books about fuchsia(with color photos)

San Antonio, TX

I am very new to gardening. Got into this last spring and started with Clematis. It was 105-108 degrees here for over 90 days this summer. I saw some pics of fuchsias on DG and fell in love-had never seen anything like them. I am trying some out here now(zone8b) as it is mild. Mark at Fry Road made some suggestions.
I would be most grateful for some recs on great books about fuchsia that are USA relevant(and not just the Pacific Northwest-with color photos).
I would also love to hear from anyone with experience of growing fuchsia in hot weather and which kinds are really heat tolerant. I am keeiping them in pots and hanging baskets on my front porch which is bright shade. I face east,but only get a sliver of morning sun on porch. My back patio faces west sun which right now is fairly pleasant-but was an Inferno this past summer. Mark suggested book(s) by Salli Dahl...but I haven't found any yet. All suggestions are welcome as I am a fuchsia virgin! Many thanks.

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Well, all I can tell you is that every one of my fuchsias I tried (around 10-15) died. I planted them in shade, part shade/sun, and full sun. They looked pretty for a while and then leaves started looking crispy and they all died. I was really sad! If you have any luck, let us know! You can see some of my posts in the Fuchsia forum when they looked good and when they croaked... Janet

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