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3rd Annual Appalachian Seed Swop

Louisville, KY

3rd Annual Appalachian Seed Swap
Public Event · By Appalachian Sustainable Development

Sunday, December 4, 2011
2:00pm until 5:00pm

Slater Center , 325 McDowell Street, Bristol, Tennessee

Please join us at the Slater Center in Bristol, TN as the Appalachian Farmers Market Association celebrates the close of the 2011 Farmers Market season with the Appalachian Seed Swap.

If you are a saver of seed, if you enjoy planting new vegetable and flower varieties, or if you would like to grow and/or save seed from locally adapted varieties, this event is for you.

This year’s event will feature a presentation by Ira Wallace of The Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (SESE) entitled “Heirloom Seeds – Sow, Savor Save.” SESE will also have a booth at the seed swap offering an assortment of open pollinated seeds for sale. This event is free and open to the public – you do not need to bring seeds in order to attend and enjoy this event – light refreshments will be provided.

If you will be bringing seeds for the seed swap, plan to make labels for your seeds so that folks will know what you have (see example below). We will have blank labels available at the swap for those who need them. Also plan to have sealable bags to put your seeds (or other’s seeds) into. The idea of a seed swap is to allow folks to share seeds and information with each other, but not everyone will have seeds to swap- if you wish to make seed packets available for sale, that will be allowed as well.

Label Example:
Bush Bean: Irish Annie (if from British Columbia the name would be Ireland Creek Annie)
This bean originated in Ireland and found its way to British Columbia before reaching the USA. These beans are from a friend- Irishman- Shane Ross who gave me 20 beans and now I am giving 20 to one of my friends. The beans breakdown quickly due to their thin skin and make their own sauce working well with other beans in soups. They possess a wonderful flavor. Daytime warmth of 60 degrees or more, resistant to mold and mildew, bush habit, about 24” high, sturdy, high yields, 75 days to harvest.
Wily Seedropper (123) 456-7890

For more information about the Appalachian Seed Swap or about the Appalachian Farmers Market Association, please contact Tom Peterson at: 276-623-1121 or [email protected]
Appalachian Famers Market Association –

Directions to Slater Center: Travel east on State Street from Volunteer Parkway/Commonwealth Drive. Pass under the Bristol “A Good Place to Live” sign and make a right turn onto Pennsylvania. Take your next let onto McDowell. The Slater Center is the big brick building on your left. – Call 423-764-4023 if you get lost.

Gettysburg, PA(Zone 6b)

I cannot make it this year, but will plan way ahead for it next year. Thanks for posting this!


Louisville, KY

Tina, We always have a Seed Exchange in Berea the first Saturday in October. Mark that on your new calendar for 2012.
Looking forward to meeting you then!

Gettysburg, PA(Zone 6b)

EXCELLENT! I'll look forward to it, thanks!


Louisville, KY

Tina, If you are in need of heirloom tomato seed you can find them there in Berea. My friend, Maria, has lived there one year having moved from Sonora last Fall. She has her own little seed business and sells on line at If you contact her tell her I provided the Link to her sight. She has a good number of Kentucky Heirloom Tomato varieties which you can not find in other places.
Hope to see you next October!
Happy Gardening!

Barbourville, KY(Zone 7a)

Now I have two reasons to visit Berea next year! Tina, do you have a date for the annual plant swap for 2012? Will it be early enough to bring some tomato seedlings?

Louisville, KY

Alana, The Seed Exchange is the first Saturday in October at the Best's Farm. I am not aware that there is a Spring Meet there; someone else may respond to that question.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Gettysburg, PA(Zone 6b)

Thanks for the link and the Berea tomato connection, Gary. Alana, I haven't set a date for my plant swap here yet, but I will get on that right after the holidays. (I don't know that I can fit it in before the start of June, which to me always feels so late...but I will see what seems do-able around work things in May. Let me know what you think the perfect w/e would be for swapping tomatoes, and I'll see what I can swing, eh?)

cool! Good Kentucky tomatoes!


Louisville, KY

I don't want to leave you all with the impression that Heirloom Tomato seed are the only thing available for exchange at the Berea Swap. You bet there are plenty of those!. About any thing folks grow in the garden of an heirloom seed can be found there --- rare varieties of peppers, beans, corn, squash, to mention a few! And it is great to make connections with other growers who are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to gardening/farming!
Remember, this group meets the first Saturday in October! Most arrive about 9:00 AM! Hope to see you there!

Gettysburg, PA(Zone 6b)

YAY! I cannot wait. Thanks, Gary. Hope to see you there, and trade for lots of wonderful things.

Louisville, KY

Tina, My dear friend, Maria of moved to Berea last year from Sonora, Kentucky. She grows lots of the Kentucky Heirloom Tomato varieties and sees her seed on an E-Bay site. Normally I would never consider getting seed from an unknown lister there but she is the best in sharing her seed at a very good cost. She usually has sample packets of twenty varieties for something like $9.99.


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Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Hi, from southcentral KY. What is your favorite heirloom tomato? I like the ones that do not have the big lumpy tops or a big core thru them.

Love visiting Berea too. We made several drives down when my girls were still going to UK.


Louisville, KY

Teresa, You would love some of the Kentucky Heirlooms my friend Maria has available at Check her out her prices are really good!
Maria loved Berea so much she sold her farm and moved to Baria and grows and saves her rare seed there.

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Gary, which do you grow?

Louisville, KY

Many of the ones she is growing and saving seed are ones I have discovered over the last twelve years. She has found some family heirloom types as well. Due to my health I passed along the varieties I discovered to her to grow and preserve for others to grow. So Maria grows and shares her seed at a very small cost and preserves them for others to experience. I grow for taste and many of the heirloom types are not uniform in size etc. but the give you the taste!
Some of my favorites are Frank's Large Red, Stamper Pink Kentucky, Hege German Pink, Purple Dog Creek, just to name a few!
Happy Gardening to us all!

Barbourville, KY(Zone 7a)

Tina, I usually clear the greenhouse of Tomato plants around the end of April. It gets too hot, inside and out, for me to take care of them because I am gone a couple of days at a time. Still, if I have any left someone might want them.

I second Gary on Purple Dog Creek. It has become an all time favorite around here, for many reasons. Good production, size, color, and most important-flavor.

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

Do you sell seeds also or just plants locally?

Louisville, KY

I thought a listing of some of Maria's heirloom tomato varieties with descriptions might be helpful to you. She may be out of a few which she has listed so you need to send an alternative selection just in case.

Sample Packets of seed

Tomato Varieties available for 20 pack to choose from. You may also choose multiple packets of any variety.

ABE HALL Ky heirloom, large dark pink beefsteaks with strong acid flavor

ABE LINCOLN 6-12 oz round, red, a good canner, introduced by the Buckbee Seed Co. in 1923, not the same variety as 'Abraham Lincoln'

ABSINTHE evergreen beefsteak bred by my friend Alan Bishop in Indiana, produced even in the heat of summer

ACE 55 disease resistant, 6-8 oz salad tomato with thick walls and low acid

AMANA ORANGE from Iowa, medium to large orange beefsteak

AMISH ORANGE round orange cherry

ARKANSAS TRAVELER popular heirloom, 8 oz rose-pink

ATOL round red medium size, came to me from Hungary

AUNT LOU'S UNDERGROUND RAILROAD Ky Hierloom, round red 8 oz, with many doubles so most are more like a beefsteak shape, historical variety taken on the underground railroad

AUNT RUBY'S GERMAN GREEN slightly flattened, 1 lb., stays green when ripe, grown by Ruby Arnold of Greeneville, TN, listed on Slow Food's Ark of Taste

BARNES MOUNTAIN YELLOW Ky heirloom, deep golden 1-3 lbs, sweet, very prolific

BARLOW JAP Ky heirloom, large and tasty pink beefsteaks on healthy plants

BEEFSTEAK this is the classic large red that you expect a tomato to be, very popular

BLACK CHERRY cherry sized, brown/mahogany color, very attractive

BLACK MASTER 4-8 oz black beefsteaks with green shoulders, heirloom variety

BLACK MOUNTAIN PINK Ky heirloom, deep pink beefsteaks 1-2 lbs, very meaty with old time taste

BRADLEY introduced by the University of Arkansas in 1961, compact bushy plant produces 7-10 oz dark pink canning tomato, good for the South

BRANDYWINE potato leaf, large pink popular heirloom

BUCKEYE YELLOW Kentucky heirloom, 1-2 lb light yellow, uniform shape and size

CALF'S HEART Kentucky heirloom from Hardin County, 8 oz to 1 pound pink heart shaped with few seeds, unusual flavor tastes like it has already been stewed, potato leaf variety, not highly productive

CAMPBELL’S SOUP #19 (Determinate) early, bright orange/red, the color of Campbell’s tomato soup, size and shape of a baseball, good tomato flavor, ideal for making soup

CARIBE compact determinate plant, 8 oz red, disease resistant, good for humid areas

CHALK'S EARLY JEWEL introduced in 1899, good producer of 3-4 oz red oblong globes

CHAMPAGNE CHERRY small yellow cherry type with translucent skin, giving it a champagne appearance, very sweet and prolific, almost identical to 'Coyote'

CHEROKEE PURPLE 1 lb purplish color, introduced by Craig LeHoullier, variety is over 100 years, listed on Slow Food's Ark of Taste

CHOCOLATE STRIPES large mahogany brown beefsteaks with olive green stripes

CLAUDE BROWN'S YELLOW GIANT Ky heirloom, 1 1/2 to 3 lbs, very pretty yellow, has acidic acid taste

COWLICK BRANDYWINE selected strain of 'Brandywine' that is more prolific than others, same excellent flavor

COYOTE wild white/yellow cherry from Mexico, large plant gets loaded with them, voted the "Tastiest" tomato at the CHOPTAG 09 tomato tasting, sweet like eating bits of fruit

DEBARAO 3-4 oz red plum shape, very prolific, ideal for cooking use

DELICIOUS large red beefsteak similar to Beefsteak, holds the record for the largest tomato ever grown

DEPP'S PINK FIREFLY Ky heirloom, very attractive globe shape with ruffled top, large deep pink with speckles, nice flavor

DR GOODWIN'S RED Ky heirloom, large red slicer, very old variety saved by Dr Goodwin in Bowling Green, Ky

EGG YOLK round yellow cherry type, egg yolk size

EMERALD EVERGREEN medium to large, dense beefsteaks, stays green when ripe, introduced by Glecklers Seedsmen around 1950

EVA PURPLE BALL 5-8 oz round dark purplish, 1800's heirloom from the Black Forest region in Germany

FLAME large yellow/orange beefsteak with red coloration that looks like flames coming up from the blossom end, this tomato is also called Hillbilly, which may be a different variety

FLORADADE 6 oz red, disease resistant variety developed for hot and humid Southern areas

FRANK'S LARGE RED Ky heirloom, 1-2 lb range deep red beefsteaks with good acid flavor

GERMAN QUEEN German heirloom, 1 lb+ pink, meaty and very tasty, also very prolific for such a large tomato, potato leaf plants

GOLDEN JUBILEE yellow beefsteaks with mild flavor, low acid flavor

GOLDEN PINEAPPLE large bi-color/yellow beefsteaks with sweet flavor

GRACE LAHMAN large pink globes, very prolific with excellent flavor

GRANDFATHER ASHLOCK Ky heirloom, very prolific bearer of 10-12 oz beesteaks, red/pink with good flavor, potato leaf plants

GRANDMA VINEY'S YELLOW AND PINK - Ky heirloom, yellow and pink beefsteaks, very sweet and mild flavor, likes it dry

GRANNY CANTRELL Ky heirloom - large pink/red, great acid flavor

GRANT COUNTY PINK Ky heirloom from Grant county, pink beefsteaks, potato leaf

GREAT WHITE large ivory/whitish, mild sweet flavor

GREEN ZEBRA midseason, yellow green with green stripes, 2-3 oz salad size, inside is neon green, has a compact growth habit, zippy
flavor delicious eaten fresh

HANK midseason, light pink, 2-3 ounce, very juicy with thin skin and mostly seeds and liquid, ideal for juicing, very prolific

HARTMAN'S YELLOW GOOSEBERRY large yellow, round cherries, very prolific

HAZELFIELD FARM bright red, slightly scalloped 4-6 oz, very prolific, takes the heat and drought

HAYSLIP 6 oz red globes, crack and disease resistant VFFA, determinate, 75 days, good for canning

HEGE GERMAN PINK North Carolina heirloom, med-large pink, good acidic flavor and very productive

HOG HEART rusty orange long paste, extremely dry, originally Italian

HOMER Ky heirloom, very large and meaty pink

HOMESTEAD 8 oz red, developed for hot and humid Southern areas

JOE THIENEMAN'S AUSTRALIAN HEART Ky heirloom, med-large heart shaped with few seeds (limited amount available)

KBX stabilized cross of 'Kellogg's Breakfast' - this variety is better all around, large orange beefsteak

KORALIK early determinate 1" red cherry from Russia, a good container plant

KY BEEFSTEAK ORANGE Ky heirloom, large orange beefsteak

KY CABIN Ky heirloom, large light yellow slicer, very productive

KY LIGHT YELLOW Ky heirloom, light yellow with pink blush, large globes with firm skin

KY PINK STAMPER Ky heirloom, very large pink, potato leaf plants

KY PLATE Ky heirloom, 1 lb+ red, nice sliced, full acid flavor

KY WONDER 1 lb+ deep pink, flattened beefsteaks, old time flavor

LENNY AND GRACIE'S KY HEIRLOOM YELLOW, Ky heirloom, large deep yellow beefsteaks

LINCOLN ADAMS Ky heirloom saved by the Adams family, said to be from the Lincoln era, red canner

LUMPY RED Ky heirloom, very prolific canner, orange-red

MADISON COUNTY PINK, Ky heirloom, large and heavy pale pink, variety over 100 years old

MALINOWY OLBRZYM Polish variety, light pink beefsteaks, juicy and good producer in the cool/wet 2009 season

MARGARET BEST TOMMY TOE large yellow cherry with the acidic taste of a large tomato, this variety was grown by Dr Bill Best's mother

MARGLOBE good disease resistance, 8 oz deep red and juicy, popular for processing

MARLOWE CHARLESTON deep brownish pink/purple color, very good producer, can go over 2 pounds

MATT'S WILD CHERRY early red marble sized tomatoes cover large vines, found growing wild in Mexico by Matt Liebman, very easy to grow, will reseed indefinitely

MISTER STRIPEY popular bi-color beefsteak with stripes

MONEY MAKER old English greenhouse variety, medium sized red

MONK Ky heirloom, up to one pound pink/red, does not take the heat very well, prone to blossom end rot

MORTGAGE LIFTER popular heirloom, one pound red beefsteak

NEPTUNE developed by the University of Florida for hot and humid growing conditions, disease-free, round red 4-6 oz, very productive, similar to store bought tomatoes

OLD KENTUCKY large orange with other mixed colors, color varies with weather conditions

OLD TIME PURPLE this strain comes from Ky a long way back, an older unimproved variety, 8 oz purple

OMAR'S LEBANESE huge pink beefsteaks up to 3-4 lbs, originally grown in Lebanon

OPAL'S HOMESTEAD Ky heirloom, 4 oz red, flattened shape, productive canner

ORANGE HEART tons of 2-6 oz bright orange globes with sweet fruity flavor, excellent fresh and very productive

PEACH 1-3 oz yellow salad tomatoes with a rough skin that is suggestive of a peach fuzz, very tasty fresh

PEG'S ROUND ORANGE Ky heirloom, 4-6 oz orange globes, good producer, very sweet

PIKE COUNTY YELLOW Ky heirloom, large yellow/orange slicer, very mild low acid flavor

PINEAPPLE large bi-color beefsteak, sweet flavor, popular variety

PINK OXHEART large oval, pointed, good "old-time" flavor, good for all uses

PLUM LEMON 3" bright yellow elongated, looks just like a lemon, very pretty, from Russia

PONDEROSA large purple-pink slicer with mild flavor

PRINCIPE BORGHESE Super productive deep red 1 oz., Itallian drying tomato

PURPLE DOG CREEK Ky heirloom, up to one pound, dusky pinkish purple

REBECCA SEBASTIAN'S BULL BAG Ky heirloom, jumbo sized red with lots of solid flesh

ROMA classic red plum cooking tomato

ROMEO ROMA same the original Roma but very large, around 1 1/2 lbs

ROSE BEAUTY Ky heirloom, large light yellow beefsteak with pink blush

RUTGERS 75 days, determinate, 6 oz. bright red, disease resistant variety developed at Rutgers U.

SCABITHA very unusual variety, 1-3 oz, deeply lobed, multicolored, thin skin

STRAWBERRY Amish variety, pink strawberry/oxheart shape, 6 oz to 1 lb, very meaty with few seeds, green shoulders

STRIPED CAVERN medium sized, blocky shape like a pepper with hollow spaces for stuffing, red and yellow stripes

SUPER CHOICE, Ky heirloom, 1 lb. red slicer, strong acidic flavor

SUPER SIOUX large acidic red variety developed for hot and dry areas

SWEETIE red cherry, very sweet, sets fruit in long grape-like trusses

TC JONES Ky heirloom, prolific bearer, medium sized yellow, mild flavor

TINY TIM very early, up to 1 oz red cherry, small plants suitable for container growing, lots of tomatoes, this is the variety that comes with the upside down tomato bags

UNCLE MARK BAGBY Ky heirloom, dark pink, large beefsteaks, potato leaf with good flavor

VINSON WATTS Ky heirloom, large flattened pinks with good flavor, does best with plenty of water

WALTER'S CANDY STRIPE Ky heirloom, large striped bi-color, sizes vary from 1/2 lb to 1 1/2 lbs, sweet

WALZER North Carolina heirloom, round red canner, useful for cooking

WHITE ZEBRA ( which is really the variety Blonde Boar bred by Brad Gates, and the name wrongly changed to WhiteZebra.),same size, shape, and super production of 'Green Zebra' but is unrelated, this one is white with yellow stripes

WILLIAM'S STRIPED Ky heirloom, large yellow beefsteaks with a little red striping, sweet and juicy

WINTER GRAPE Italian red grape shaped cherry tomato for snacking or drying, also known as Inverno a grappoli, super productive

YELLOW BRANDYWINE large, 12-24 oz, flattened beefsteaks, very good flavor, potato leaf plants

YELLOW PEAR pear shaped yellow cherry, one of our oldest known tomato varieties, traditionally used to make candied tomatoes

YODER'S GERMAN YELLOW mild yellow beefsteak grown by Amish in Ky and Tn

Gettysburg, PA(Zone 6b)

Alana, I might just have to make a road trip to your greenhouse in April for my husband's garden at work :) I think the swap timeline might be iffy -- maybe earlier than last year, but likely not early enough.

The swap date selection is actually being compounded by our having to move by the end of June (a very local move*, but nonetheless)....and there are a couple hundred plants here. So, that said, the swap may be part swap, part big ol' shovel tour. :) I'm taking a piece of many of the plants with me, but there will be plenty more for everyone.

*We currently rent temporary housing from the college. We haven't even started looking for a place to move to, but will need somewhere I can plant (and 2-3 BR). Feel free to message me with any local house rentals (Berea hopefully, but as far as Richmond/Mt.Vernon/Lancaster/CloverBottom we'd consider)....especially ones with place for gardening.

Gettysburg, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi All,
The Berea Plant Swap is this coming Saturday, June 2nd -- and since we are moving very far away (Pennsylvainia instead of just down the road here in KY), nearly the whole garden will be given away.

More info at this thread:


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