Amaryllis Pot

Morgantown, WV

About a month ago I tried an experiment I found a metal pot that I thought would be perfect for my idea. I took 3 Amaryllis bulb and planted them in this container. I was so happy that the dirt I got with all three was just the right amount I needed for the pot. The first plant was planted probably 3 weeks before I planted the other two. So the one in the middle is already tall the other two are coming up and growing quickly. I have two questions. I have had them under flourescent lights till now. I want to put them on my table now. Only light would be coming from my sliding glass doors which is quiet bright during the day. But it will be about 6 ft away from door. So far the plants look like they are doing good. But I have read tonight that it says it is important that there be holes in the bottom of pot. Mine does not have holes. I have been very careful not to overwater since I know I didn't put holes in bottom. Should I leave things alone or should I try to put holes in the bottom of pot. I don't have anything that would fit right under this pot though.
It looks so nice now. Me and my grandkids decorated the pot and I don't want to hurt my plants. So anyone know more than me here. It seems that there is not a lot of feedback here lately. I sure would like to talk to people who enjoy plants like I do.

Summerville, SC

I have been growing them indoors for about 3 years with lots of variety....buying them ready to be forced bloom/growth for the winter months. The key is not to let the roots sit in water and rot the bottom of the bulb. If you balance the watering and let it get nearly dry b/f the next bit of water, you shouldn't have to change the pot. As for the light, I grow them in the brightest room and use flourescent lighting on them for part of the evening. After they bloom, they like going to a less lighted area, but while blooming the more light the better. Can you keep the fl. lights on during the day or bring a lamp with where you have it growing? Lots of luck enjoying the blooms!

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