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texas star, california gold, rajapuri, ice cream bananas

Titusville, FL

Would like to know all info on flavor comparisons to grocery store fruit which I do not care for much.
hardiness in zone 9b, and which are your favorites and why. I have very limited space so must choose
wisely. I was totally shocked by the replies to my rubus question. wow! I have belonged to
for a week now and have gotten a gazillion thanks for joining but no answers to banana questions.
Be thus advised. :) The response from Dave's Garden users great, blew me away. :)
One main question does frost itself cause the havoc rather than freezing weather? And if you have
other favorites that are not too tall and hardy here I would certainly like to know. I have a zan moreno
which I guess is most like the supermarket fruit but will grow it anyway and try.

Needville, TX(Zone 9a)

I don't know much about bananas, only started with pups in Spring 2011. Three varieties, texas star, california gold, and rajapuri.
My California Gold, and Texas Star both died back during this weak winter, only froze two times just over night to about 30 degrees. (zone 9a Texas) Sad. New sprouts though, so well try again for next year. I guess, I'll have to protect them. The whole reason for getting them was because they didn't need extra care. Oh well.
I expected that I'd need to protect the rajapuri, so wrapped bottom half of stem with frost cloth. Main stem and pup are both pushing new leaves right now. I may get bananas this year.

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