My new HF greenhouse

Houston, PA(Zone 6a)

Except for the wooden platform, my husband built my greenhouse himself, after studying everyones experiences and comments. They were very helpful, thank you. You can see the progress here

Looking for a heater now. Thinking ventless. Any thoughts? Also any thoughts on blue flame or ceramic?


Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

Very nice job!!! I've always dreamed of having a greenhouse or atleast a sunroom dedicated to

Houston, PA(Zone 6a)

Thanks, my husband gets all the credit. I've always wanted one too and I just couldn't wait any longer. I am hoping that in the near future to add a Florida room onto the house, we'll see how that works out.

Los Gatos, CA


Nice greenhouse! I heat mine with a electric radiator type heater.

I have a similar greenhouse and in the winter in cover the top with a bubble pool cover. (you know the ones that look like bubble wrap) They also sell rolls of bubble wrap for green houses that are the size of each of your wall sections. I cut them to length and put them in the walls on the inside. I have found that even in the summer I can leave them up and they provide some cover for the hot sun. I mostly grow Orchids, and now am growing succulents. Your going to love it, plants practically grow by themselves in a greenhouse!

Houston, PA(Zone 6a)

I decided on the blue flame propane. It seems to be doing the trick, I'll just have to keep an eye on the cost. I am going to get the bubble wrap or solar cover but I have to wait til the summer or next year. I'm pretty much tapped out financially right now.

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