Ever been to Costa Rica?

Brewster, MN(Zone 4b)

DF and I thinking of going to Costa Rica some time in late winter to early spring. When is the best time to go there, what part of the country is best for seeing the flora and fauna? We're not interested in the typical tourist stuff. Any problems traveling there? Any do's or dont's? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

ghopper. I have never been there, but my sister and her SO have several times. They liked it so much that they bought a condo there. They are going again in January and February. Yep, for 2 months. They love it. They are flying their dog to take with them 'cause they can't stand to leave her behind that long.

Don't know if they are going to retire there, right now they are semi-retired. But, they also have a house in Arizona. They don't spend as much time in AZ as CR.

Virginia Beach, VA

I had never been but a couple who volunteers with me at the food pantry had been going for years.They love it because of the weather and the $$ goes a long way. They also love the food!!!


Sioux Falls, SD

I went last summer to Montezuma, it's not touristy. It's about 30 min. away from all of that. It was pretty much in the jungle. It was great.

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