Question About Amaryllis Belladonna

Columbia, SC(Zone 8a)

Quick question. I have probably 50+ hippeastrum bulbs I force in stages each year. But I just bought my first bulbs of "true" Amaryllis (Belladonna). I'm in zone 7b/8a, and understand they're to live outdoors instead of trying to force. But aren't these supposed to be planted the same as hippe's - with their shoulders and neck above the soil? The picture on the bulb package says to plant them 4-6 inches deep, and I just can't imagine...

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Mountain View, CA(Zone 9b)

The info I have from Easy to Grow Bulbs says to plant them so that the top of the bulb is just below the surface of the soil, 12 inches apart if planting in the ground and 7 or 8 inches apart if planting in a container. (Mine are planted in large planters outdoors.) Hope this helps.

Columbia, SC(Zone 8a)

Thanks very much, Michelle. Another friend says the same thing. I figured the bulbs would just rot if placed that deeply in the soil, so I'm glad I waited for some clarification. Thanks again...


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