update GET JIGGY DL seeds & how to get seed rooting

Bonne Terre, MO

Bought Get Jiggy x Jerry Nettles , get Jiggy x Heartthrob plus Rings of Wonder X JT Davis and Whales Tales X something...all have the eye break( if that makes a difference)
All the seeds have rooted in 2 days! Every one.
My other crosses about 6, one seed of the 5 at least has not rooted 2 weeks after the first sibling seeds have and are now growing seedlings.

Anyone have any idea how to give the dormant seeds that havent rooted in 2 weeks out of the fridge a boost into rooting?
They are in the envelope in moisture (water with hydrogen peroxide in it),
Would a rooting powder/liquid help ?Will they for the most part finally root or are they a lost cause?
Thanks to any who can help.

Kylertown, PA(Zone 5b)

You aren't necessarily trying to get them to root. You are trying to get them to germinate, and there's a big difference. Hormone treatment will not help them germinate.

If the seed is still firm when you squeeze it (just a little!), then it may still be viable. You may want to try putting them back into the fridge for a week or two and then getting them out again.

If the seed is soft and smushy, it's a goner.

And sometimes, no matter what you do, you have those little buggers that won't germinate.

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