Cherry of the Rio Grande Cold Tolerance?

Harlingen, TX

I have a fairly new cherry of the rio grande tree from pine island nursery and it was doing just fine. I re-potted it about a month ago in a nice pot instead of the nursery basic one and it had just put on about 3 inches of new bright green growth on every branch.

Last night we had a pretty cold night (by our standards, we live in southern Texas) and the low was about 37-38. The tree looked fine early this morning, but as soon as the sun came out all the new growth has wilted. I thought these trees had a fair amount of cold tolerance, but maybe the new growth was too tender? Either way I know it didn't get down to freezing temperatures last night but I'm curious if anyone has more information on this plant or some personal experience to share?

I wish I would have placed the pot inside the garage with my vanilla orchid but I was told it could handle the cold :( I hate to hurt the plant like that and stunt the growth for a while.

Harlingen, TX

Here is a picture of what I described above

Thumbnail by Aslan89
San Marcos, TX(Zone 8b)

It should be hardy to 20F but new growth gets zapped pretty easy on many plants.
Just wait to see if it yellows or if it is just stressed.

Harlingen, TX

Turns out it was just stressed :p I got home from school a little after 6pm and everything has already perked up again. It looked so bad I really thought it had all been burned but every single leaf and stem looks like nothing even happened. I guess I should have waited to post this thread and not sounded like such a worried plant parent lol. I just put so much work into all my gardens when something goes wrong I feel overly protective and worried ;)

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