Sick Avocado Pest Puerto Rico white web fuzz Fungus insect

Carolina, Puerto Rico

Hi. I have an avocado plant in Puerto Rico and I don`t know what is wrong with it. There is a pest on it, and it seems to make a white fuzz fluff web or hair-like structure around the leaves of my plant. Also has yellowing leaves with brown spots and white spots, holes in the leaves. I tried washing the plant with water to get the white fluff off, and while it comes off the insects just make it again. I`m at a loss as to what to do and would appreciate any help anyone can provide. I don`t want my plant to die.

Thumbnail by surfinglove
Carolina, Puerto Rico

Here is a second photo of my plant, any help anyone can provide would be extremely appreciated.

Thumbnail by surfinglove
La Grange, TX(Zone 8b)

It's difficult to tell for sure, but it looks like a mealybug infestation. This is what they look like:
Search for "photos of mealy bugs" to see more photos.

Carolina, Puerto Rico

@bettydee Thank you for your response and suggestion. I'm going to try figure it out, and hopefully you're right and I can deal with the issue.

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