Ever heard of a rooster sitting on eggs?

AuGres, MI(Zone 5b)

We have a young rooster and my husband caught him sitting on the eggs in the nest when he went out to feed the chickens. He thought it was odd and I told him I'd ask here if that is something roosters sometimes do. We do have two roosters and ten hens.


Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

my Araucana roosters do it too. I have wondered if they think they are teaching the ladies how to do it lol

Richmond, TX

"Look girls, like this, I want off-spring!"

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

Yep!! I have a Serama and a Silkie Roo who think they have to make the nest and sit for a few days to show the girls how its done!

AuGres, MI(Zone 5b)

LOL Well, I'm glad to hear this is normal behavior. Thanks for the replies. Hubby did say there were about 5 hens sitting on the roost watching him. Maybe they were taking lessons. :)

Do any of your roosters crow at 3 a.m. ? We had company spending the night out in the bunkhouse which is next to the barn and the roosters woke them up at 3 a.m. Is that normal? Why would they crow at that hour?

Richmond, TX

Roosters crow whenever the mood strikes them.

Eatonton, GA(Zone 8b)

If they cant sleep....YOU dont sleep!!! LOL!!

Mint Hill, NC(Zone 7b)

Mine crow at all hours. I've woke up at different times in the night and heard them.
I think I need to shut the light off at night, but I don't want my chickies getting cold...LOL.

AuGres, MI(Zone 5b)

We have our lights on a timer. Actually, it's a heat lamp. We keep it on just before dark for about 4 extra hours then it goes off by itself. I've heard (not sure if it's true) that they need dark to rest and can become agitated if there is too many hours of light. I'd like to know for sure though.

I'm glad our house is far from the barn so I don't hear the roosters crowing. :)

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