Welcome to "The Murdie Homestead" :)

Albany, NY(Zone 5a)

My little dream of having a nice little homestead, self sufficient and full of love is beginning to come true.
We have a little house, with about an acre. And some beginning gardens. Many perennials, and some vegetables, and a pear tree. There are very old apple trees that surround the property on land that we have use of. We grew 2 acres of pumpkins last season and sold every single one! (except about 20 pie pumpkins that i cooked! ;) )

welcome to my homestead!
(bucket is dated july 30 1878!!! in the bottom) found in our "new" old barn. Why buy wreaths when i can make them here with gorgeous boughs from the blue spruce we have?! )

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Albany, NY(Zone 5a)

These are my very first cows! DH has been a dairy farmer so this is old hat to him, but for me this is a dream come true! I lived in the city with a dream of the country life, and i can hardly believe how blessed i am.
These little guys are twins, which shocked me to learn that makes them sterile, free martins? You learn something new every day!
The little white heffer calf is my favorite, the bull is cute and sweet too. They are so rowdy. I just love them, BUT they're beef cows. :( so i try not to love them too much now, and save up my affection for a nice t-bone steak! Lol someday i'll get dairy cows that i can love.

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Albany, NY(Zone 5a)

Outside the old barn up the road i found these irises!!! I can't wait to divide them up and see them bloom all around the barns. :) they may be over 100 years old, this property belonged to an old man almost 100 when he passed years ago, and it was his childhood home. I love old stuff! Found a box of "carriage paint" dated 1882 as well! :) i am the original "american picker" my hubby makes fun of me to no end.

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Albany, NY(Zone 5a)

I hope to have some laying hens soon. For fresh eggs, and a few for butchering. We are getting piglets soon too! :) this city gal is in her glory! Now.... If we can just get off the grid! :)
Here is a photo of a wreath i made from the blue spruce and some picks from the dollar store. I feel on the first of december i ashould be welcoming you all in for some eggnog and cocoa, but it's an unseasonable 45 and has been in the 60's all week except a little snow last night. This is good since we heat with fuel oil, but hope to get an electric heater for christmas, and a combination burner.

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Albany, NY(Zone 5a)

Here are a few of our pumpkins. As i said, we grew 2 acres and sold them all, mostly wholesale. And we got more than our investment back, now we'll be planting twice that. Plus sweet corn. We hope to have another great growing season.

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So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

How lucky you are to have a dream come true. Sounds lovely, Congrats!

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Welcome!! So glad to have you. Your wreath is avery nice. I would love to go picking through your barn. I love old stuff too.

I studied dairy cattle science back in the day. I know the heifer is sterile but not sure about the bull. But no matter since they are for beef. Name them something like Rump Roast and Rib Eye. Then you won't forget what they are for. Our pigs were Sparerib and Pork Chop.

Good job on the pumpkins. Did you have a stand to sell them at?

What kind of chickens are you wanting to get? I have EEs, RSLs, a Golden Comet and a William MaCrea Roundhead game hen. I love the blue eggs. They are a novelty around here.

Looking forward to pics of your place as it grows.

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Albany, NY(Zone 5a)

Well!!! That's just the thing. I know little about chickens but for what i've read in an issue of country living magazine. They had fabulous plans for a coop and several types of chickens listed and little facts about them, and i would love an easter egger for the blue eggs. I guess a site called www.mypetchicken.com will help you pick breeds based on criteria. But i admit i haven't looked yet. I'd like some nice friendly ones cause i admit they give me the creeps a bit. Lol i just want lots of eggs and maybe some wings... ;)
So in the meantime until i build the coop and research a bit more we're focused on getting a few piglets and possibly a few more calfs, hopefully heifers, that breed, to expand our little brood. :)

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