Suggestions for a Leggy Agastache "Heatwave"?

Port Moody, BC(Zone 8a)

Hello there ... this forum has been quiet lately, but I'm hoping someone can help me with this question.

My 3 year old Agastache "Heatwave" suddenly sprang up to 6 feet high, with an extremely leggy habit. It's in a west-facing garden.

Could I pinch off the new growth to get the habit back down to its advertised height - 36", or will that just prevent flower growth? Does pruning back encourage more growth from the crown?

Any help is appreciated.


Thumbnail by a5footsea
Elk, CA(Zone 9a)

Cut it to the ground for the winter. It should grow back abundantly in the Spring. Other than limiting the water -which may be difficult in BC - I know no other way without PGRs to keep these wild growers short.

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