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What is your favorite evergreen tree?

(Zone 7a)
There are a total of 136 votes:

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(29 votes, 21%)
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Palm Tree!
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Other. (tell us!)
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Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Always one to be different. I chose other.
Cedar is pretty but makes my sinuses go bonkers.
Pines grow here like weeds.
Palm trees appeal to me because of the warmer climate. Grrrrr!

But I like herbs and I like edibles and I like the pretty foliage on my evergreen Laurus nobilis ~ bay laurel. Other!

Cedarhome, WA(Zone 8b)

Had to go with our native cedars - such majestic trees.

Ladoga, IN(Zone 6a)

I love blue spruce!

Southern Dutchess Co, NY(Zone 5b)

I voted other. The Japanese Umbrella Pine (which isn't a pine at all) is my favorite evergreen.

Lisle, IL(Zone 5a)

Ponderosa pine

Bardstown, KY(Zone 6a)



Chicago, IL(Zone 6a)

When I say Cedar, I mean trees in the genus Cedrus. They are my absolute favorite Northern hemisphere gymnosperms.

As for my favorite evergreen in general: Rhododendron. No doubt about it.

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Voted Spruce because I have a big old one in my backyard. But I love Cedar and Holly just as much.

Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

I said palm because I love them and a lot of the evergreens (pine, spruce, etc) don't do that well around here. When I go colder climates, there are some evergreens that I just love. The weeping varieties are just too cool.

Gulfport, MS

Palms make me feel like I'm at the beach 24/7

Tulsa, OK(Zone 6b)

I agree with bsimpson1972. when I was looking over the choices the true cedar came to mind and not the one everyone in the southern plains call cedars, which is an extension of the juniperus genus.

L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

As a live plant in situ, my favorite is toyon. (Ignore the dead virgin's bower in the picture.)

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Thumbnail by Kelli
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Pines, cedars, spruces, firs - all the conifers in the family Pinaceae

And ditto to cedars being cedars - junipers shouldn't be called cedars, because they aren't.


Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Magnolia grandiflora

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

I voted other. Living in Minnesota, you have a vast array of evergreens.
We have the biggest Red, (Norway), Pine in the world.
Minnesota was once covered in huge White Pines. Many went to rebuild Chicago after the great fire.
Northern Minnesota has Spruce bogs, which are actually covered with Spruce, Balsam, & Cedar. Here & there are some Tamarack.
We moved to this place in 1982. We planted 6 Spruce about 6" high that we dug out of my wife's families original farm. They are now well over 30 feet tall. Also have a Spruce that my daughter got for reading in school in the 1st grade. Beautiful tree.
Here is a snowy Spruce limb after the snow on Saturday.

Thumbnail by CountryGardens
Oconomowoc, WI(Zone 4b)

Hi All,
I`d have to say the Pines (specifically White Pines) are my favored Evergreen up here in Z4; they`re just a soft tree. The wind just sighs through them, the needles` touch is more like a caress, and the snow covers the boughs so very delicately. Then there`s the scent of them after a summer rain...we have a small, mature stand of 6 in one corner of the back yard, and they perfume the whole property.

-South Central-, IL(Zone 6a)

I'm not an educated 'tree' person, but I really like Colorado spruces a lot. My grandfather had two huge ones in his front yard and every Christmas season the fire dept. would come string lights on it. It's a childhood memory, so I like CO spruces a lot, but I picked 'holly' because I love the red berries in the cold winter. They add some color, which is greatly needed.

L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

I've given it some more thought, and maybe my favorite evergreen is the giant sequoia, or maybe the coast redwood. I like the huge pine tree at the house on the next street and I like to watch the neighbor's palm trees sway in the wind. Oh, there is so much from which to choose. It's all good.

Millbury, MA(Zone 5a)

Other -- balsam fir! I do like holly and various pines, but that "Christmas tree smell" makes all the difference.

Oracle , AZ(Zone 8b)

There is an alligator juniper that lives in my back yard and I really enjoy that tree. Nice shade in the summer. The deer and javalinas munch on the berries. And the aroma of the tree is just great.

Lisle, IL(Zone 5a)

My Anna apple is evergreen, which is odd for an apple, though it does lose some leaves, just doesn't go bare.

Lexington, MA(Zone 6a)

I second the motion for magnolia grandiflora, but also for hardy hybrid camellias, rhododendrons, American native hollies including longstalk holly, then hemlocks, firs,spruce, and pine trees.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Red Cedar

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

I love my 3 Coral trees. They are magnificent!

Thumbnail by Vernonimous
Marin, CA(Zone 9b)

All citrus trees.

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

I guess I would go for the blue spruce and it does have a fragrance, but you can't beat the balsam for that Christmassy smell.

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

Magnolia with large white flowers. Luciee {;^)

West Palm Beach, FL

Jamaican Caper Tree has flowers that look like fireworks. Turns from white to red to purple in one day. And their seed pods are very strange very strange indeed. It is native here in South Florida zone 10A.

Marlborough, MA(Zone 5b)

Weeping Norway Spruce

Manassas, VA(Zone 7b)

Holly trees in my yard along with the ones that grow in the wild all around my property brings out the warm feeling of the holliday spirt. I use branches I trim from the wild ones to decorate inside my home.

Abilene, TX(Zone 7b)

As a Texan, I'm partial to live oak. But I do love any of the pines, firs, and spruces. I just wish they grew around here! In my part of the state about the only pine that grows is the Afghan pine and I would grow it, if I had a big enough yard. Last time I was in northern California I fell in love with all the beautiful evergreens.

Palmdale, CA(Zone 8a)

Voted palms because the palms here in south CA have magnificent blooms. Heres a photo. (Mexican fan palm)

Thumbnail by Bloomfly22
Minden, LA

The beautiful loblolly pines. They are my favorites year 'round, whether glistening under a rare snowfall or whispering on a hot, humid summer afternoon.

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

Holly trees are most beautiful when you're walking in the woods and come upon one by surprise - especially a very large one full of red berries. They were so plentiful on my grandfather's farm in the 1920's that every Christmas a holly tree was cut and brought into the parlor as the family Christmas tree.

rhinelander, WI(Zone 4a)

balsam fir , or eastern white pine

Alton, MO

I had to choose the White Pine...I just love their long, soft needles!

Orlando, FL(Zone 9b)

i love palms, but the others knock them off the chart when it comes to decorating.

West Plains, MO(Zone 6b)

Love pines because they remind me of growing up in Mississippi. Junipers and cedars are absolutely invaluable here in the southern Missouri area, though - they hold up to the extreme temps and the terrible soil the best.

Palmdale, CA(Zone 8a)

I do love pines to though. Palm tree is tied with noble fir. I just made a wonderful wreath from the cut off branches.

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