Juicer/Extractors............input, please

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

I'm interested in purchasing a juicer/extractor. I would probably be using more of the green veggies (spinach, celery, cukes) as opposed to the soft fruits for the juicing/extracting process. Anyone have any feedback/opinons? I can't afford a Vita-Mix, and I read lots of good comments on Breville. Bad feedback from Jack LaLanne. One comment from someone on another forum that said Breville is junk. Said that I should get a Champion.

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Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I had a juicer briefly, can't remember the brand. But I was disappointed in it. The ones that say they'll accept a whole apple are talking about a teeny tiny apple and I never buy any that small. So I ended up having to quarter them anyway. And then I don't cook, so I was left with all this pulp which was just wasted.

I remembered that I loved strawberry daiquiris and we always made them in the blender (a cheap $20 Hamilton Beach blender from Walmart). So I decided to try making smoothies in my blender. I was so much more satisfied with the blender than with the juicer. I still have to cut up the fruit and veggies. But the pulp is all blended in too and not wasted. And cleanup is so easy. My blender even pulverizes ice and frozen fruit. My brother and I love my fruit smoothies.

The blender just seems to combine the juice and pulp beautifully, preventing a lost of waste. And it's just as quick. Of course if you just want juice, you may prefer the juicer. But the peels often contain most of the nutrients, so I prefer the pulp blended in with the juice.

If you do get a juicer, please come back and give us a review. My brother thinks he wants one, but I think he'd be disatisfied.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Guess I will play mad scientist today and make a concoction using the blender and then another using the food processor and see how they turn out. When I used the blender before a couple years ago and tried this, I'm thinking used too much "stuff" in relation to the water I used. Must remember...........NOT SO MUCH TO BLEND. LOL Easier to make a glassful than try and blend up a bunch of spinach and a whole cuke. :>) Results will be posted here after I try it.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I gradually add the ingredients. Otherwise it binds up. Also, I found that if you start it and stop it frequently, in short bursts, it blends better than just leaving it going. When I start it, the stuff tends to jump up and mix better. But of course, I use a lot of frozen fruits.

Fleming, PA

I have a Ninja blender that has a shaft with the blade running up it instead of the blade being just at the bottom. It blends even whole spinach leafs and any kind of fruits or vegetables I have put in it. It will even grind just ice cubes into snow. I did notice that you have to add more liquid to the smoothie than I did when I tried to make them in my old blender.

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