container combos for 2012

Calgary, Canada

Interesting combinations there.
My planned containers usually turn out different.
Last year I had planned orange geraniums with Duet petunias.
The Duet petunias turned out more on the red side than the white and salmon.
The planters were ugly!

I am keeping the orange geraniums, but this year they will be potted back with
blue morn and white avalanche petunias.

These would be for a full sun position.

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Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

Believe me the grief over bad color combos is my biggest pieve.
Nurseries post photos that have been doctored or have too much blue or red balance in order to make dark purples look that way.
Add the factor of some coleus turn different colors depending on where they are and how much sun they get.
Its a Krap shoot no matter how one looks at it. I just like the collage to give me an even chance.

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