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Help with Squirrel erradication in attic

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Not sure this falls under home maintenance.... but not sure WHERE to ask for help on DG.....

My son has a home that we are remodeling that was bought out of foreclosure in late July. We live 2 hrs away and can only work on weekends so the remodel is taking a while. We have made a lot of progress, but still several things left to do. One of which is to repair the screen that is on the eaves of the house. We haven't gotten to that yet because we have been dealing with much more serious issues on the inside of the house - and trying to get the place much more livable..... BUT, we think he has an infestation of squirrels in the attic. We have tried repeatedly to "see" them but we can't. He has a split level house with a low slope and about the closest we can even get to the outside wall in the attic is about 10 - 12 ft. THey are keeping him awake at night, and he thinks they are chewing on things - of course, if it is wiring, that could be a major problem..

Just thought someone here on DG might have some suggestions as to how to erradicate them. We considered a pellet gun, but we dont own one and since we can't actually lay eyes on them, we didn't feel like that was a reasonable choice. We have considered rat poison, but I wasn't sure how bad the smell would be if multiple squirrels died in his attic. ..... and I am SURE they would be in the areas where we can not retrieve them. Have considered trying to trap them, but not sure that is a viable option either. My son read that moth balls will run them off - but I wondered how many it would take in an attic to run them, my son would probably be living in that smell as well.

Help!.... any suggestions??? IF we can manage to get them out of the attic then I hope to repair their entry ways to prevent them from coming back in. I thought with us going into the attic and making noise they would flee - but it didn't seem to faze them!

I welcome any suggestions.....

PS I am copy and posting this on a couple of other threads since I do not have a clue where to ask for help......

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Set off a smoke bomb - then, find the holes and patch them. I've had a squirrel family move into my attic, and they are a PAIN to get rid of.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Well, we just found out that it ISN'T Squirrels.... worse, it is a raccoon, or possible more than one!! No idea how to get rid of them. They say it is almost impossible to trap them and the fox urine isn't expected to work either....

any suggestions anyone??? this means we are dealing with a much smarter animal!!

Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

You probably need a pro to get rid of them. Once they're gone, then patch up any openings bigger than a nickel. That should limit you to mice and lizards and insects only!

IF you must try some DIY stuff, get some snake sheds(from a pet store or snake breeder or maybe the zoo) and maybe some varmint/predator urine from a hunting store. Put stinky stuff in some disposable tray/tub of some sort. Cat 'clumps' from a cat box may even help. You must find a way to trap them and remove them, or make them uncomfortable enough to leave. Don't waste money on 'sonic repellers'. I've read about a bright flashing light - dunno if it is effective - plus, neighbors might think there's a fire if you have turbine ventilators!

EDIT: OOPS! - I should learn to type faster.

Call the city animal control or hire a pro to catch it.

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Olympia, WA

My brother has had to patch his roof over and over again due to persistent raccoons who tear off the shingles and move in. He finally resorted to lead poisoning (shhhhh!) after all manner of less harsh evictions failed to work. One time he patched up the hole, not realizing the raccoon(s) were still IN there!!!!!!!!!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Wow - them tearing off shingles is getting pretty agressive! Sure hope they don't resort to that !!!

Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

I found this link. Maybe some good suggestions here? According to this guide, 80% of the time it's a mom with her litter. Often the mom is removed & the babies left behind to die & rot leaving a horrible odor.

Chesapeake, VA(Zone 7a)

As an addition from someone who works with wildlife...

Often, especially this time of year, it is a mom with her babies. Last year, I even got a call about a mom raccoon who had managed to crawl down in between drywall and studs to have her litter at the level of the baseboards inside someone's wall. Most of the time, a raccoon isn't going to shred your roof to get inside. Usually that's a case of not only shelter, but they've found things to eat in there too! I second the idea to hire a professional company. They can often tell you exactly how the animal(s) are getting inside too, so you know exactly where to patch up holes!

Don't try to handle an adult raccoon yourself. They're clever, sneaky, and have really sharp teeth. A live trap (with something really tasty inside, they like cheerios, fruit, or even dog or cat food) will catch and hold an animal, and that way, if it is a mother, a professional company can remove the entire family or take the babies to a wildlife rehabilitator so they actually get a chance to grow up.

Leave it to the pros! They'll come up with places to get in your home that you would never even have thought of, its their job!

Best of luck!

New York, NY

sorry i don't know

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