What's happening in your neck of the woods .. Xmas 2011

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Moving us on over ..

Merry Christmas everyone ^_^


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Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

We came from here http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1229203/

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning, thanks "M"' for the new thread

Not sure about weather in your neighborhood, but it sure is mild out there..maybe I've built up an immune to cold!! Norm is 1 and we shall be around 7' not bathing suit weather but not wearing snowmobile suit..happy about that.

Got up extra early this morning to sew border no one of my quilts so I can spend the day at the office hand sewing finishing touches..learned a new technique, didn't take as long as I thought so got an extra hour to sit and relax before rushing out!!

What have you all been up to?? Finished shopping, making gifts,baking??

I'm almost convinced rather than bake (I'll do my pies though) drop into a bakery and order sweets..kids aren't much for sweets..think I'll play easy as well and order fruit tray, meat and cheese tray and make life just a little bit easier..

Sailor wants in, gab later

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Hmmmm .. in my initial post for the new page, it does say there is a pic .. perhaps it'll show up later ..

Off to town early today .. shopping to complete (yeah right) ..
Lorna went shopping on her OWN yesterday .. well .. I was outside in the parking lot cell phone at the ready .. but .. people bent over backwards to give her a hand.
Had my dental consult .. lose 2 wise teeth in January (UGggggggggggg) have chosen oral sedation and nitrous oxide as opposed to being put full OUT.

Family dinner tonight, am so excited to see the look on my granddaughters face when she sees my Mom's wedding rings ..

Anywho .. I best go and 'femme up' and git going .. sorry re the pic not showing up .. if you think it looks too 'bland' start another thread ...



Victoria Harbour, ON

Never too bland "M"

Kudos to Lorna for getting out on her own..must give her a great sense of independence.Have a camera ready to photograph your grandaughter's shock in receiving such a precious gift. Does that mean you will not as a family all be together on Christmas day?

Dundas,, ON(Zone 5b)

Thanks, M for moving us.

and Betty, I had wanted to say and forgot, how much I love your quilts. Being totally unable to do anything beyond replace a button when it comes to sewing I have enormous admiration for anyone who can do those things. Though I did crochet some baby bonnets for my kids when they were little. I guess the time to learn all those things would have been better when I was really young, before my hands got so bad.

But at least I cook well. Maybe someday I'll come across a quilter who can't cook or bake, and be able to make a deal - ya think?

Keep warm,

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Victoria Harbour, ON

lol..well I can cook but don't want to..I'll tell you, with this pain in my right arm I'm not so sure I should be doing all the handsewing.. a mega project to do one, what do I do, do 3!!

Brought it with me today, while sitting hoping to get the border hand sewn..did someone say it's just a week and a half and it's Christmas?

I will have to show you the quilt I picked up yesterday that my mom cross stitched..had it quilted by a church group..lordy it's nice..same as the one she gave me last year that has been put away, I'm hoping if I ask she will let me have the blue one vs. the pink..hmmm have to sweet talk her.

Great passtime..but as you say if your hands aren't the best, not the thing to be doing.

Bet your day today is like a spring day..have you been out?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Hand stitching

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Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Cybercrone, I too am amzed by the intricate sewing that is done by folks.

Betty your ability is very cool! I have done some knitting and do much better in the garden with soil and spades and horse stuff.

Christmas will be very good this year as I will not allow it to be anything else. Niece will make it from her Moms to Nanas in time for the family dinner in Edmonton on the 31 and we will be in Calgary on the 25 to be with my sisters and folks. Dad is 80 and being forgetfull so I worry about them. My one sisters house is on the water and her husband has already built an ice bar and has a fishing shack set up and has scraped off a skating rink so there is lots to do inbetween eating good food. It's nice too as my Dad can watch from the house and see what we are all up to if he doesn't feel like getting out.
I have made a couple of center pieces and will see if I can get a good photo of them before I give away.
Bye for now
Alberta Ann

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Attended free make up session today!

Here's the before and after session. Next up - eyebrow tatooing!

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Omg, double wow, wonder if I could get an appt. you look marvelous..bet you feel on top of the world..gorgeous you are..

Alberta Ann, your Christmas sounds delightful...your plans are what memories are made if..am sure your dad will enjoy even if it's watching from inside..

Looking forward to seeing photo's of the center pieces

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Super photo of you in the "done" mode. Did they show you and give you the stuff to do it? Eyebrow tatoo is a good idea and I have been thinking about doing it as my eyebrows are non existant anyway. I can't wait to see yours.

Chaos ensued last night with a Single mom coworker all upset as her daycare had lice and she felt she had found some on her child so off to help her with the shampoo thing and I forgot to take photos of the center pieces will have a go tonight.
I can't believe there is only 1.5 weeks to go. It looks like spring here , hardly any snow cover and its dark at night without the reflections.
Have a very cool house in our neighborhood and I hope to go and take a photo so if it works out I will post for you all to enjoy.
Alberta Ann

Victoria Harbour, ON

Suppose to be 11 tomorrow, almost shorts and t.shirt..well almost lol

Different opinions, I thought the town I live in had far more lit homes than previous years..elderly Aunt came to visit last night and said 'hard to believe nobody puts lights out anymore..hardly a light to be seen...' hmmm not sure who is right.

looking forward to whatever photo's you may have

Went to the hospital this a.m. got there before dawn..lordy hardly a person to be found..I was the first one waiting in line..yikes 28 viles of blood later it was time to go to xray..they deed feet hands and elbows then I was to go for another series of testing but the specialist forgot to sign the requisition so couldn't get them done..drats..said I could wait incase they reached my doctor (he's away this week) and specialist teach in Toronto so likely not available to I just came to work..saving those sick days for between Christmas and New years..lol

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Ann Look Good Feel Better is a free program for women with cancer by the Canadian Cosmetic,Toiletry and Fragrance Association Foundation. All the product ( and there is a lot) is donated- they split it into light,medium and dark complexion. There are a number of experienced make up people - volunteers - who help out There is everything from cleansers to removers, sunscreen, skin creams, even something called Ceramide Plump Perfect which is supposed to plump out the skin and make wrinkles disappear ( I am trying that one on my sunken cheeks but no change noted yet!) I suspect that one is a very expensive product.And a pretty little white cotton cap trimmed with pink lace! I did this program when I first had chemo. It is a lot of fun - 10-12 ladies fooling around with makeup they may never ordinarily use but probably will when they see the results!

I will let you know about the eyebrows.

My hair has started to come out so I guess I timed the shave party just right!

Victoria Harbour, ON

What a great service this Look Good Feel Good group is! Wondering if they have anything similar in our area?Guess it is not until you are in need do you hear of it. Ceramide Plump Perfect , if it works is something I should be looking for. How are you feeling? Do you have family visiting over Christmas or are you up to visiting..you should have saved your trip to Toronto for Christmas.

think I haven't spent as much time on 'me' looking good, maybe in the New Year I'll spend money pampering myself vs. craft $$$ which I give away..lol

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Betty I think it is available across Canada but as you say probably would not hear about it unless you have cancer.

No family here and I hate travelling to Toronto at Christmas - thats why I usually go in thefall. Usually have Xmas dinner with friends.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Glad that you are not alone Carol. Hate to travel myself via airplane during the rush..line up after line up!!! nowdays with computers and skype we are not far from those we love..

Time for home

Gab later

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

The Northern Cancer Society has the 'Feel Good Look Good' program here .. have had a couple of people I know go to one of the sessions and really have fun as well as learn how to make the most of their facial features .. one woman has been cancer free for 5 years, but still maintains the close shaven head and has perfected her make up to the max to really bring out her blue blue eyes.

The family dinner last night was wonderful .. my 2 grands were summarily pleased (Austin with his iPOD) and surprized (Brooklyn with the wedding rings) .. Most of the pics were taken by my son, Murray, so will have to wait for him to download them .. busy family ..

WEATHER .. what the heck is UP with our weather !!!! It RAINED heavily today with some periods of wet snow .. we have large patches of grass showing .. and I have run out to the garage with no jacket on and been fine .. like Alberta Ann I have been watching the spotd where there are plants planted and still uncovered (perennials) .. am going to have to throw some peat moss on'em.

Lilly and Piper were groomed today .. tomorrow they are off to a Seniors Home to 'show off' LoL

TTFN everyone


PS Bettty .. sure hope those blood tests show something !!!

Ooooooo one pic in .. end of table my son Murray .. to the left his wife Alison, grandson Austin .. myself and Brooklyn on the other side as she proceeded to try and explain to Gramma how her iPOD works .. lalalalalalala ^_^

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Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Another pic is in .. Brooklyn with the rings on the chain .

Off I go


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Victoria Harbour, ON

Beautiful family "M"' Did you say you still get together at Christmas?
Raining heavily here, no snow left in the yard,,just put on outdoor lights, not as pretty as when it's snowing or snow on the ground..not complaining!

Kyle's birthday today, Greg drove him to orillia, got his learning permit..talk about an excited young man!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

RAIN seems to be the moisture of choice across Canada !! I gotta tell ya, it plain worries me .. never used to as I felt perhpas it was just a ;freak thing; but it isn't anymore .. there USED to be backyard skating rinks in almost every second homes yard .. now they are almost non exsistent .. simply not cold enough ..
LOL .. I wrote the above, looked out the window .. and we have SNOW .. big fat wet flakes .. with temps on the + celsius side .. it'll either turn to rain or ICE!!!..

Betty .. how exciting for Kyle !! Not so much for Greg ... Brooklyn (13) is already starting the countdown to her learners permit.

Hope to head for town today in hopes of acheiving MAJOR wins in the holiday gift buying game .. in other words .. i WANT to get it ALL done today .. just have small things to do, it's just DOING them !!!

Enjoy your day everyone


Victoria Harbour, ON

Happy shopping "M", if I can rid myself of this headache, going to stay in town tonight and do the same..

Dundas,, ON(Zone 5b)

Have a good one, y'all.

Raining here too, but cold with it, or maybe it just seems so much colder since the damp just gets into the bones and doesn't want to leave.

I'll attach another photo of the Amsterdam flower market.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

OMG you could go crazy there picking up bulbs.. how many did you buy??? lol

Stopped raining for now, iffy about having snow for Christmas..

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Baking day :-(
Rain/ice/snow not safe to venture out, so.. tomorrow ir shall be ..

BULBS .. beautiful BULBS :-)
What an awesome venue !!

Hope the headache abated Betty ..


Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

I'm trying to attach a photo at work so I don't know if it will work.
Nope to many blocks. Will try later at home.
Carol I have heard of that program and wasn't sure if you were able to get the products at the time, Plumping wrinkles...I like that idea. It also sounds like fun.
Xmas dinner with friends is a good place to be. Do you get to bring your "kids" with you?
M Lovely family looks like you had fun.
B waiting for some news from all the tests.
Cyber I can't believe all the bulbs , it looks amazing.
Alberta Ann

Victoria Harbour, ON

Like no news about the tests till after the new year..sitting here quietly in hopes the headache leaves but promised to go out to lunch with a few girls so must do! I've only 2 or 3 things left to do and everything will be under the tree so did hope I could do it tonight..might force myself!

Will work from home tomorrow so will get to do more sewing..I'll be glad when Santa's elf workshop says 'closed for the holidays'

"M", you are in a good place when the weather is as you say..no sense taking chances.
Maybe a good book to finish off your day..ahhh lot's of Christmas movies on, maybe there is a good one playing this afternoon.

lunch time..

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Ann there is a website(L ook good Feel better) which lists all the workshops across Canada.

All the product you use at the session is yours to take home.

I am experimenting with the plumping cream and it looks like it is actually working - probably have to use it every day. I am amazed they put what I imagine to be a very expensive item in the boxes - It is Elizabeth Arden.

Dull here but not too cold, just put on my new face and I am off to consult with the eyebrow tattoo lady!.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Carol, will your eyebrows not come back? Is that why you will have them tattoo'ed..yikes that must hurt like the dickens..any way of dye'ing an eyebrow?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Yes my eye brows will come back but I have been thinking of doing this anyway so it is an ideal opportunity. It is not dye it is a pigment - thats why it is semipermanent, it will fade and may require refreshing every 2-3 years. Yes you can dye eyebrows but I have plucked mine for so many years that I want the addition of the tattoo for nicer shaping .

As it turns out I am having it done tomorrow morning!

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Oh Carol please show us! I am really interested in this idea! Yes the Elizabeth Arden line is a premier line so I bet that is not a cheap cream. Nice to know that it works though.
Betty , hope the headache leaves they are no fun to haul around with you.

I have the photo's of the end table things Ive made. I will try to post one and see how it works. My camera and computer set things the correct way and then when I post on here the photo's go sideways and I don't know how to fix that. Any one else out there have an apple? Bout time I took some classes.
Here is one Darn Sideways , sorry guys.

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Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Annabelle .. even 'sideways' it looks beautiful ^_^
Very delicate .. you used Cedar so they'll smell wonderful ..

Have fun with the eyebrow tatts Carol .. you're a brave woman .. as far as i'll go is waxing, which sometimes hurts like the dickens ..

I should be shot for having posted about our lack of snow and mild temps yesterday .. WINTER has arrived here .. it blew in and will now stay with temps of -15C.
No sissiness today .. off to the city to tie up LOTS of loose ends .. this kind of weather was the catalyst that made me decide to buy a 4 wheel drive ..

Hope everyone has a super 'WEEKEND BEFORE CHRISTMAS WEEKEND' !!! AGGGGGGGGGGGgggggggggggggggg


Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Here's the new eye brows. They will fade a bit and we will do a touchup in a few weeks.

Top is before, middle is stencilled design with crayon, bottom is end product.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

I'm Kuching and feeling the pain that you must be going through Carol..o g that must hurt..I'm with "M" , just having eyebrows waxed I have to think twice. You are indeed a brave soul.

Alberta Ann, love the cedar arrangement!ll

I have A few done sitting on back deck, will wait a few more days before bringing them inside for the holidays.

"m" this morning it was rInng and foggy, went downstairs to sew, don't it was more than 1/2 hour before I came up and it was snowing to beat the dickens..now all melted and back to mild temps..what is up with mother nature ??

Took meds for my head, they must be wearing off, back to take another..am hoping that I can get the border on this 2 nd quilt..making headway, slow but sure.

Did take an afternoon break and wrapped about 15 presents..nothing like making the tree shine even brighter to have pressies under it!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

No pain Betty - just scratching!

Hair is gone , we had a fun time but somebody else took the pics so I won't have them for a bit. Bought 3 hats!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I have 2 head coverings suitable for public wear and a couple of head coverings for home use only when my head gets cold in the evening or at night!

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Ohhhho Carol, they are beautiful...love the designs and coloring!
Would so love to be able to wear a hat, try them on and it's just no go.
You have certainly been busy this last while, soon you will be a fashion platemp, envy of us all

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

KUDOS Carol on the eyebrow job, looks good, kinda think it would be a bit itchy though.
THE HATS, what lovely colours. They'll look beautiful on.

Betty I must say you are certainly commited to getting those quilts done, I wish I had your endurance .. I tend to be a 'scatter brain' .. LoL (THAT is putting it mildly)

Bought an EReader as a gift today, am hoping it doesn't COST the person I got it for too much. I think you MUST have to pay for downloading magazines and/or books ...

Seriously cold here today .. and the malls were just a bustle of activity .. but .. I got the shopping all done except for fruits and veggies which I will purchase closer to next weekend.

Remember my abcess last Xmas? The toothe went POO POO at 8pm Xmas eve .. well .. I think another may try and do an encore .. so .. looks as though the extraction will be earlier than expected :-(
I am SUCH a wuss ~

Have one more pic of myself with Brooklyn at the dinner .. the glasses are the ones I bought in Oct and I STILL am trying to get used to them !! They are progressives .. drive me bonkers !!!

Off to watch a movie


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Victoria Harbour, ON

Brooklynn looks like grandma..beautiful!

Not the best of news at the doctor but you sure wouldn't want to be finding a dentist at Christmas though..

Hundreds of hours on these quilts..virtually been at it since around 8am without many breaks. In fact had toast this morning and haven't eaten yet., no wonder my tummy is saying feed me.

I've got about 2 or 3 hours left to hand sew the border..trying to get enough energy to do tonight, if not all then 1/2 of it..that would finish the second quilt. About another 10 hours and the 3rd one will be done..my goal is the have it done by end of weekend then I've to finish Cathy's rag quilt and let Santa come..promise myself won't do this next Christmas...wonder if I'll learn a lesson??

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Rain will do just fine for me until after we go to Vancouver next week. Then it can snow as long as it quits for us to come home.

Carol - I love the hats and the eyebrows look good too. I have one friend who is an ovarian cancer survivor who decided she liked her wigs so much better than her own hair that she still wears them.

I've been so busy with my handbell choir and before that with orchestral commitments that I've not spent much time here. The orchestras finished up last Saturday, except for a rehearsal last Sunday evening and another tomorrow.

This morning, part of my handbell group played at a curling luncheon for a group in which 3 of my choir curl. We got paid $150 which we will direct towards the huge revitalization debt at our church. This was a short gig, but required an enormous amount of prep on my part because not all my group could make it - some of them have daytime jobs! So I had to find or arrange music that could be played by fewer people. We ended up with 'Jingle Bells', 'Let it Snow ...", 'Carol of the Bells', 'Il est né', 'Good King Wenceslas', 'Silent Night', 'Joy to the World', 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer', 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas'.

We play in church on Sunday and on Tuesday evening we are basically leading a carol sing at a nearby Anglican church - one which provided office space for our clergy and secretaries while we were in exile last year. We will also get paid for that, but while we are doing more, it's mostly music with which we are quite familiar and the whole group will be there. The biggest piece this year is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rN5PQ8ZqZc also known under the name Sing We Now of Christmas. We won't do it quite as fast as this group.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

ViAnn .. I can imagine you'll be happy to board the plane and head west after all the concerts and preps for same ..
Hopefully you will have wonderful weather while there ..

Betty, how's the arm today ? Can imagine your stitchery, altho pleasant for you to do, must bother that arm ?

I am going through a 'period of grace' with this tooth .. in other words, it has stopped acting up .. as long as I avoid it, and I don't talk too much (lol) I'm OK.

Just found out that Lorna's 'great Aunt Doreen' is in hospital .. she's 85 .. has heart troubles .. she is 'Une Grande Dame' ^_^
Like you Betty, quite the crafter. She can tell a joke with the best of them. We'll be going to see her today. Hopefully she'll be out very soon,

Have lotsa loose ends to tie up this week .. so .. I better get at it

Have a great week everyone


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