Sca;m being pulled on Africah Violet forums.

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

This has been posted on other African Violet and Gesneriad forjms. I haven't seen it posted here, so here it is.

> This is from Joe Bruns:
> I just wanted everyone to be aware of a scam that is being pulled on African violet vendors (among others). A woman named Julie Braswell is contacting African violet vendors, claiming that she never received an order or a part of an order that she placed with them. Upon checking their records, they cannot find such an order. However, to make sure, some of them send what she claims she's missing, since it's usually one or two plants or a few leaves. She sometimes uses other aliases, among them are Julie Caylor (her maiden name), Leeann Taylor, and Brayna Taylor. She often claims that she's elderly, and her messages ramble on, making you think that she might be mentally ill or retarded. Both are to make you feel sorry for her. She's actually 53 years old.
> A warning letter has been sent to AVSA commercial members, but I know there are some sellers who are not AVSA commercial members, so pass this word along. If you sell on eBay you probably won't encounter her, as she has been banned from eBay, due to her fraudulent practices.
> Joe Bruns

Chicago, IL(Zone 6a)


Why doesn't she just ask for a few leaves or something instead of trying to pull this rather stupid scam?!?


Montgomery, AL

It sounds like she's expending a bit of effort scamming for things of low monetary value that could be gained more easily by just asking for freebies on forums. But no one said that criminals have high I.Q.'s! Would this qualify for malingering, factitious disorder, or just stupidity? People want to know.

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

I would say, stupidity. She's made a bad name for herself and no one will trust her anymore. Her 'gig' is up. She will probably have to change her name to pull this anymore. Just be aware!!!

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