Spelling diversity in names

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My last name is Lloyd. It is Welsh and in its original form, hard to pronounce. The Welch double L seems to be pronounced more like one is clearing their throat with "oid" on the end.

My observation is this: I believe that the names Lloyd, Floyd or Cloyd were all the same. Due to accents, careless recorders, bad handwriting and such, these names were recorded with different spellings. When checking out names - spell it every way you can think of.

I have been doing research on my own for years. If anyone is interested in the following names I would be willing to share info.

John Walton Beauchamp, Perryville, Indiana, b-1861; m,Charlotte (Lotta) Delilah Straight or Strait
Francis Judson Belden, Rutland, Vermont, b-1831; m, Hellen C. Mabie
Bennett Strait, Brown Co, Ohio, b-1827 (Father James Straight); m. Louisa Elizabeth Springer

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Do you know if your Louisa Elizabeth Springer had ancestors in the Beaver county PA area? If her ancestors were from that part of PA there's a good chance there might be a connection somewhere to the Springers in my family.

Anacortes, WA

Hello ecrane,
Here is everything I have on Louisa Elizabeth Springer:
Her parents:
Father - Dennis Springer - born in Indianna (no dates)
Mother - Charlotte Waddams - born in New, York (no dates)
Only child - Louisa Elizabeth - born 12-21-1832, Connersville, Indianna
died 9-1913, Bethany, Mo. Burried in Fairview Cemetary in Mo.

Louisa married Bennet Straight - born 7-19-1827, Brown Co. Ohio.
She had one child - Charlotte Delilah - born 6-30-1862 in Bethany, Mo
died 10-21-1947 in Donaphan, MO
Charlotte married a man named John Walton Beauchamp - no date.
Charlotte's husband, Bennet Straight's parents were:
James Straight b-1798 in W Virginia & Parthena Hays b-1800 born in Virginia.

My Father's mother Ariel Ellice Beauchamp, Lloyd (cousin to Parthena) claimed Parthena was some kind of kin to Rutherford B. Hays. Grandmother was always pretty striaght up with me. After I put together a bunch of data on her family on the old LDS forms, I sent her a copy asking for additions and corrections. We did that several time so I feel the data is pretty accurate.
Hope this helps some. Sorry about the sloppy form but I haven't done much with this lately. Barbara Lloyd

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Without knowing where your Springers were a generation or two earlier it's hard to say whether there might be a connection or not. If you ever find a connection back to PA let me know and we can compare info. I have 4 Dennis Springer's in my extended family in my tree, but two of them are ~100 yrs too old and two are ~100 yrs too young to be the same as yours.

Anacortes, WA

Well - It was worth a try...barb

Port Norris, NJ(Zone 7b)

Cheddar - if you run into a blank with the Belden's in VT be sure to look
at the Belden families on Cape Cod, notably Barnstable.

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