Corning, CA(Zone 9b)

I have a beautiful coleus with at least 3 foot branches. I would like to trim it down evenly (like hedging) to propagate and trim it back some. Is this feasible and i don't want to ruin it. Its a gorgeous purple color with a little green. Can someone tell me how do this properly? thx. joyceg41


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Jupiter, FL

Yes you can cut it at anytime. Its fun to see them get thigh high :) . When is your " near" frost date ? I would play it safe and take some cuttings. Even tho you are 9 b you must be allot dryer than where I am at here in Florida. Wetness can cause trouble for them . I usually need to trim in June ( and start the cuttings ) and then I do it again in December. The cuttings in December I now put in 4 inch pots in case we get a cold winter and I need to bring them in. I didn't need to do that years ago , but lately we have been allot colder that normal .
Go ahead and trim , they will be fine.

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