Looking for Mandarin ducklings

Miami, FL(Zone 10b)

Hello everybody !!! I've been wanting to get some ducks or geese for some time now and decided that Mandarins are the way to go for me. They are in my opinion the most beautiful of the most exotic ducks. The only problem is that I can't seem to find ducklings anywhere. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

you will only find ducklings in spring if at all. Mine usually start hatching late March to mid April. Bob Johnson is a seller and ships. http://www.woodedwetlands.info/Birds.cfm. He may have some adult birds now but most people don't sell ducklings. Usually at about 3 months old.

Also there is a Priest in Miami or very near by that raises and sells some ducks. Not sure what all he has and I don't have a contact number for him. I can look back on the waterfowl forums and see if I can find where he posted his last birds for sale and get e-mail address but I think the sale post are deleted after 3months of no activity.

Here are my birds, well whats left of them. I down sized by 50% when I got sick this summer. http://pets.webshots.com/album/562207564unUUlW

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