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Time for another compact camera - help me choose

Mysore, India(Zone 10a)

I had the Sony W150 for two years and it got flunked 3 months ago. Its battery NP-BG-1 was still doing good. The camera is not switching on. Its flash had failed about 10 months ago. Getting it repaired here is not a suggested option due to its high cost and my friends are saying that it is best to go for a new one. So, I have now no choice to look for a new one. At the same time, I don't know what to do with its good battery and 4 gb memory stick.

I don't need too many megapixels as I don't take pictures for blowing up but mostly for uploading purposes. I had that habit of carrying that Sony in shirt front pocket and it was very handy to take pictures during my sojourns out of my house. Looking to replace it now. People wondered that I don't use a mobile but carry a camera!! Zoom is not a must in my new requirement as it did not help much, neither did the optical view finder on that W150. Point and shoot camera that is not expensive is what I'm looking for... it should be good enough for about 3-4 years until it gets obsolete. It should give reasonably good picture quality and should perform reasonably well indoors and have macro function... of course it should fit in my shirt pocket.

I hope I get some guidance and hints on the models I can look for. Somehow I love Panasonic for its interface and lens quality (sharp pictures). I have the Lumix FZ8 which is also showing signs now of some snag as it is 4 years old. I wont carry it always as it is too large for my pockets! Another friend says that Sony is quite sturdy.


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