Amaryllis ?

Beachwood, OH

I know you're supposed to let amaryllis go dormant after the summer but this years continuous rain apparently encouraged mine
to keep going. I get them in the winter and set them on the deck every year - with incredible neglect they come right back and bloom again. Normally they just go dormant by themselves, but not this year. So... now that it is sprouting off the mother bulb and
has 2 flower stalks coming, do I feed it, just water, remove the bulblet apart after it blooms?
Anybody else keep their amaryllis year after year?
amaryllis keep my interest in gardening going - really amazed at how well they do with so little care

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Continue to let it grow. And feed it regularly. They don't normally go dormant, they grow all year. We put them to sleep to get them to bloom for the holidays.

Duxbury, MA(Zone 7a)

tommy, just wondering, if I don't want mine to bloom for Christmas, can I just keep them green and growing and will they bloom eventually? I plant mine outside during the summer, then dig them up and pot them and put them in the basement in late Sept. I cut everything off them. Then I bring them upstairs now, and hope for some winter bloom. I have about a 50% success rate with reblooming.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Yes. They will bloom eventually as long as they get enough light and are fed regularly. DO NOT cut off any leaves! They feed the bulb and help to build the new flowers! Keep those leaves growing! Keep them fed.

Quincy, MA

I got a beautiful ameryllis before thanksgiving. It blossomed in time fro Christmas. What do I do with it after the blossom dies?

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Cut ONLY the flower stalk off close to the base but CONTINUE growing the leaves and fertilizing until next late summer.

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