fragrant (stinky?) marigolds

East Helena, MT

Can anyone tell me the name of (and where I can find seeds for) the old-fashioned marigolds that had such a distinct and strong odor? I know some don't care for it but the strongest-smelling ones are also the best at bug-repelling. All the new hybrids are lovely but I miss the smell.
Thanks, Deborah

New York, NY(Zone 7a)

I think perception of smell varies, and I'm not sure scent in the flowers and leaves is directly linked to expression of anti-nematode chemicals in the roots. There are a couple of small-flowered seed strains with names like "Golden Guardian" (Park Seeds) and "Nema-Gone" (Burpee) that are touted as nematode protection, but they aren't especially pretty. In terms of flower scent, I like the French marigolds (T. patula) Durango, Bonanza, and Janie (the earliest). If you look for those names at nurseries in the spring, you can evaluate the scent yourself.

Roswell, NM(Zone 6a)

Hi. I planted some marigolds last year from Baker Creek,, they have several of the old-fashioned kind; they're not as pretty as the moderns but they were really tall and everywhere I put them, there were no bugs!

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