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Fan palm perhaps??

victoria, Canada

Would anyone be able to identify from this photo? It's the only one I have of what the Lacandon (Maya) call "miis". They say it's like Chamaedorea ernesti-augustii but with longer leaves. Apparently they don't use it for thatch. Looks perfect for that (to me at least.)
This photo was taken in the rainforest of Chiapas, MX at 825 m elevation.

Thumbnail by suzanne_cook
noonamah, Australia

Suzanne, a bit difficult just from that photo. It does look a lot like my Chamaedorea deckeriana but a lot of palms start off with bifid leaves. The new leaves on mine start off a bronze colour but later turn green.

Do the Lacandon say it developes into a fan palm? Sometimes what appears a good material can have some undesirable characteristics that the locals know about. When I was in New Guinea there were some materials I thought wouldn't be good for thatch but were still used. The locals had the experience to know what was best.

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