San Pedro, CA

Hello this is the first time that I post on the DG fourm. My hobbie is vegetables mainly lettuce,spinach,, radish, any thing that grows pretty quick or for a salad garden. I have been reading and researching, about vermicomposting, I am starting a worm bin hopefully it works. My question is (if all works out) how long do the worm casting keep? Do they go bad , How long before I can use them do I have to dry them out , I'm just not sure, Please help me. any info. will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Helena, MT

jesse, I have four indoor, plastic tubs which can produce as much as 60 gallons/year worth of 'spent media' as I prefer to call the material I remove from the tops of my bins whenever I feed my worms. I think you will find the castings will disappear rather quickly so I wouldn't worry about any loss of potency. There is never enough of this stuff no mater how much you produce.

There is a lot of debate as to what 'pure' castings are, and many ways to harvest these. It would be extremely difficult to make a determination as to weather your castings would loose potency over time, but from a nitrogen standpoint I would think it could last several years since it is mainly organic nitrogen which is released slowly. My guess is you will use it long before that period of time.

San Pedro, CA

Hey mraider Thanks like I mentioned I'm new at this any info is great. Thanks

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